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Isn’t now the perfect time for a dudes-only vacation? Imagine sun-washed beaches, beautiful bikini-clad women, and adrenaline pumping adventure. Baja California, a free and sovereign state in Mexico, features diverse geography for a vacation that truly has it all: beautiful beaches, desert bike trails, tree-covered mountains, and remote islands. Whether it’s beer-fueled fun, you’re after or relaxation to recharge your batteries, there’s no place like Baja. 

Baja’s Beaches are some of the Best in the World

Baja is the second-longest peninsula in the whole world, and from Tijuana to its southern-most tip, Los Cabos, you’re treated to some of the most stunning and untamed beaches. Surfing is popular in Baja; even if you’ve never scaled a board, try out Baja surf and adventure tours, which include transportation, equipment, wetsuits, and everything else you need to have a fine time surfing Baja.

If you decide to take a road trip, you’ll likely start in Tijuana, or you can begin to the east in Mexicali, but most agree the western beaches are more fun. From Tijuana to Rosarito there are many beaches, and you’re welcome to stop at all of them. The further south you head, the nicer and more tourist-friendly the beaches become, and in Rosarito and Los Cabos you can expect vacationers, mariachi music, and lots of beachy attractions, such as water skiing, parasailing, and jet skiing.

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Off-road Fun for the Guys

Baja is certainly tropical; however, it’s not all oceans blue and sandy shores. In fact, Off-Road.com calls Baja California “the Holy Grail of riding.” According to the guide, dirt bike riders can throw on their backpacks and “ride for days, never crossing the same trail twice.” Be warned, trails are typically without markers, and it’s possible to get lost; however, if you travel in a group, carry a pocket GPS, and keep to the most-used trails you’ll survive.

Adventuring doesn’t begin and end with dirt bike rides; in fact, that’s just the tip of the ice burg. Baja was made for adrenaline junkies. You can mountain climb in Baja (Devil’s Peak), snorkel the Revillagigedo Islands (aka the Galapagos of Mexico), and hike to the cave paintings in Sierra de San Francisco. If that’s not enough, you can get up close and personal with the sea’s biggest and wildest creatures, Grey Whales and Great White Sharks.


Fishing in Baja California

If you and the dudes are looking to do a little fishing on your getaway, you can take advantage of one of the many sports fishing and adventure tours available throughout Baja. These tours take you out on a charter boat where you’ll spend the day trying to reel in enormous blue marlin, as well as Dorado, tuna, sailfish, yellowtail, and more. Trip Advisor has a list of the best fishing resorts, if you’re looking to book your stay nearby this hobby.

In a list of male bonding activities, fishing ranks number on the popular men’s site AskMen.com. They call fishing the “perfect male sport with action, physical struggle, and lots of gear to purchase and obsess over.” When you fish in Baja, you don’t have to worry about the gear (unless you want to buy your own) because the charters hook you up with everything you need. Overall, when it comes to guy stuff, Baja California in Mexico has it all. Whether you choose to make a road trip from north to south or stay at a resort somewhere in the state, you’re ensured an amazing experience. Get reckless in the waves or relax with a drink on-hand along the shoreline; it’s up to you how you celebrate your manliness.