Outdoor adventure getaways guys will love

The possibilities seem endless when it comes to planning the ultimate outdoor adventure boys trip and there are plenty of reasons to do it. As we look back on the craziness of the past few years, sometimes you only need one reason - to celebrate simply being alive. 

back country hiking

Backcountry Backpacking in America's National Parks

Whether you prefer Yellowstone or the Smokies, there are several National parks around the U.S. that offer excellent backpacking opportunities for a backcountry boys trip. This is a great way to test your ability to be both self-reliant and work together as a team. Out in the wild and far from civilization, you'll have nothing but nature, your pack, and your bros. You will sweat. Your muscles will ache. You will conquer the wild and survive with memories and new skills that will benefit you as a man long after you return home.

Just be sure that your trip isn't unplanned. Park Rangers need to know where you are headed, and depending on where you are going, some national parks may even require a guide. Supplies also need to be well thought out. Backpacking in the backcountry isn't for the faint of heart, but it is definitely worth the ultimate nature experience.

off road adventures in imogene pass

Off-Road Adventures Through Imogene Pass

If mountains are you and your buddies' thing, forget the skis and snowboards this year. You can hit up Steamboat or Keystone anytime. If you are really looking for a more extreme adventure that puts you on top of the world, consider traversing through Imogene Pass in Colorado. Just a heads up though, this drive is not for the novice.

Imogene pass is the highest mountain pass in the San Juan Mountains and is accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles. So your buddy's old jeep that has been sitting in the garage collecting dust would be perfect for Imogene. Don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle? No need to go out and buy a brand new Jeep. Imogene pass can also be conquered on an ATV and other small 4-wheel drive vehicles. 

ocoee river whitewater rafting tennessee

Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee River

If you and your boys are more into watersports, consider taking a whitewater rafting or kayaking trip down the Ocoee River in Tennessee. This isn't your typical, run-of-the-mill, float trip. The Ocoee offers such a challenge for water sports that it was formerly used by Olympians during the 1996 Summer Olympics. Although the river is typically a Class III, many parts can register as a Class IV and during high water much of the river is considered Class IV. So when it comes to gear, make sure you have a kayak fitted to you, as well as quality paddles, life jackets, and even a helmet.

The Ocoee also offers opportunities for camping along the river. So you and your buddies can spend a day fighting rapids and then sleep off your wild ride, only to wake up and go at it again. Go ahead and plan to make this trip last a couple of days, because once you experience the exhilaration of those rapids, you'll want to keep coming back for more.

elk hunting in alaska

Big Game Hunting Adventure

We have a wealth of big game animals and hunting adventure opportunities here in the United States. A big game hunting trip can be just the adventure needed for the sportsman seeking something new and different. While there are wild game reserves and farms that develop big game animals specifically for hunting, nothing feels more sportsmanlike than hunting in the wilderness. The only question you need to ask yourself is, "what would be my grand trophy?"

If you are looking to get a pronghorn, head to Wyoming. If you're interested in mountain sheep head to Utah, If you're wanting a giant moose, go to Washington, our pick would be to head to Alaska for Elk and some of the most beautiful virgin landscape ever imagined. But if you're interested in predators, consider New Mexico for black bears. Most of these destinations are well developed with plenty of options from resort-style accommodations to rustic cabins. Simply pick your preference and get ready for the ultimate hunting experience. Just be sure to pack your gear and get your scope calibrated on your nice rifle.

grand canyon north rim

Biking the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is stunning, but walking up to the visitor's center on the South Rim doesn't do it justice. In fact, it comes across as lame and prescribed. If you and your buddies are more into biking, bike the Grand Canyon's North Rim for a challenge. In 5 days, you and your buddies can bike the 145 miles that makes up the Rim and in the meantime, see the Grand Canyon like it was meant to be seen. You'll also be able to take side trips and other mini-adventures that give you the up close and personal experience with the Canyon that few others experience.

When big events need to be celebrated, the average mancation won't do. Make sure to plan a trip that embodies the celebration you want to have. Make it extreme, make it challenging, make sure that it gives you and your buddies memories that you'll be talking about for years.