South Beach Miami

No longer satisfied with parties on home ground? Let's kick things up a notch with some amazing beach party destinations from around the world. Just as there are fashion capitals that fuel fashion tourism and nature centers that ignite our passion to explore the great outdoors these are the best places to find sun-baked sandy beaches, ice cold drinks, and a party atmosphere that just won't quit.The following destinations attract the best of the best in terms of DJs, clubs, bars, and adrenaline-pumping action. 

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ibiza town sea wall


Ibiza is arguable the best party destination in the world and it is definitely the most famous. It is home to several super clubs that are more than mere ‘clubs’ in the true sense of the word.

They are more like theatres where DJs and dancers put on one hell of a show. The biggest and best clubs are Amnesia, Space and Es Paradis, but there are plenty more that may be smaller but still pack an almighty punch. The downside is the cost of alcohol and club entry so some people believe cheap Ibiza holidays aren't possible, however the upside is the affordability of getting there, with On the Beach offering cheap Ibiza holidays throughout the party season and the amazing beaches, which despite mass tourism are still stunning.

los angeles beach party

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an exceptional destination for an unforgettable lads' holiday or a destination bachelor party, boasting a vibrant mix of sun, sand, and entertainment. The sprawling city offers iconic beaches towns like Hermosa Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica, where the sun-drenched shores and lively boardwalks provide the perfect backdrop for beach parties and sunset celebrations.

Beyond the beaches, L.A.’s nightlife is unparalleled, with an array of rooftop bars, exclusive clubs, and world-class dining experiences that cater to every taste and fancy. For those looking to mix a bit of glamour with their getaway, the city's proximity to celebrity hangouts and luxury shopping offers an added allure. All these elements combine to make Los Angeles a top choice for those seeking a mix of relaxation, adventure, and high-octane partying, making it a perfect spot for a lads' holiday or a memorable bachelor party.

 miami beach


Sun, sand, sea and beautiful people, Miami is the perfect backdrop to any club scene. Throw in a heady mix of internationally renowned DJs, plushly decorated clubs and bars and cocktail hour that lasts all night and you’re in clubbing heaven. The club scene is swanky and the dress code is always ‘dress to impress’.

Cameo is  one of South Beach’s most legendary clubs. Channeling the days of dirty disco this club is sleek, sophisticated and retro cool. Mansion is one of Miami’s newest clubs and attracts a celebrity clientele. The beautiful Art Deco space is chic and stylish and being so popular it can be a little tricky to get it, but it’s worth the wait.


Rio de Janeiro

Life is lived with passion in Rio de Janeiro and the club scene is off the hook. Model-looking women and men fill the city’s best clubs, and international DJs are literally fighting to DJ in this Latin city. The music is full on and the party scene starts late and finishes even later with the best clubs not really getting going until 3am.

Casa Da Matriz is a firm favorite on the Rio scene and regularly hosts some of the city’s biggest club nights. However, if you want something more upmarket and sexy, Fosfobox in Copacabana mixes the best in Brazilian food with electronic music and modern art. The ultimate party of course is the Rio Carnival. 

mykonos beach party destination


Mykonos stands out as a quintessential destination for an unforgettable lads' holiday, combining the allure of crystal-clear waters with a vibrant party atmosphere. Renowned for its energetic nightlife, the island is dotted with stylish beach clubs and bustling bars where music, dance, and entertainment continue until the early hours. The scenic beauty of Mykonos, with its iconic whitewashed buildings and winding streets, offers a stunning backdrop for daytime explorations and sunset gatherings.

The island's welcoming vibe and array of luxury accommodations ensure a comfortable and exciting stay, catering to groups looking for both relaxation and revelry. With its blend of beautiful landscapes and dynamic social scene, Mykonos is an ideal spot for those seeking a sophisticated yet thrilling beach party experience.