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shorter vs a longer cruise has a lot of benefits

Hey guys, listen up! If you're planning a killer vacation with the guys ... or even a couples trip and considering a cruise, let me tell you, a shorter trip has some serious perks over the traditional seven-day voyage. Coming from a dude who's experienced more than 20 cruises, I've got the inside scoop for you. Probably the biggest factor is that on a shorter cruise you can party harder since you don't have to worry about pacing yourself out over seven days and instead can make the most out of a shorter three, four, or even five day cruise.


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In the past, there were many reasons why you might avoid these shorter cruises—older ships, for instance, were a big factor. Today, though, that's all changed, and cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have even placed some of their newest ships on shorter itineraries to attract folks like you and me who are looking for an awesome escape but can't justify taking a week-long trip with the guys. This means that taking a 3-day cruise from Florida for instance is no longer a "bad choice". Instead, it might even be the perfect option for folks with a busy schedule where you need to balance work, family, and time with the boys.

With that in mind, here are some other reasons why a shorter cruise might just be a great option.

Shorter Cruises Are Less Expensive

One of the most appealing aspects of shorter cruises is that they're typically less expensive than their seven-day counterparts.

This cost comparison alone makes them affordable luxury. Today, most cruises start at between $50 and $150 per person per day (the prices for more expensive cabins and other options can obviously go up from there).

The simple math here means that your saving strategies can stretch further when you're paying for fewer days. So, shorter cruises are worth considering if you're looking to get the most bang for your buck. They provide the same sense of adventure and relaxation but at a price that won't break the bank. It's a cost-effective way to belong to the exciting world of cruise travel without straining your finances.

Plus, there are other factors at play such as having to budget for parking at the cruise port or if you have kids that need to have a sitter, those costs can add up quickly over a longer trip too.

Fewer Days Means Easier To Schedule

Another advantage of shorter cruises is that they're often easier to fit into busy schedules.

With work flexibility becoming a necessity, a shorter cruise allows for scheduling an awesome vacation without causing disruption at home or work by being out of pocket for a long period of time. This is especially true for weekend cruises that may run Friday-Sunday, so you might only need to take one day off from work. In fact, weekend getaway cruises are perfect for those of us who can't afford to take a full week off. It's also less of a commitment and a logistical nightmare to plan for a few days rather than a full week!

So, if you're like me, constantly juggling work, family, and personal time, a shorter cruise could be just the ticket.

You Can Select More Expensive Options

Choosing a shorter cruise often frees up more of your budget for splurging on exciting excursions, opting for the more expensive premium drink packages, and upgrading to fancier room types - for instance booking a suite instead of an inside cabin. You're part of an exclusive club when you opt for premium cabins, where luxury dining is just a call away. You'll be spoilt for choice with our specialty entertainment, perfectly curated for your discerning taste.

Feeling adventurous? Spend your free time exploring ports of call with a more elaborate excursion such as a helicopter tour instead of just opting for a cheap beach break instead. Or perhaps you'd prefer to kick back with a spa package. You deserve to be pampered, after all. And don't forget, boutique shopping is always a delight. You'll find unique treasures to remind you of your voyage. With a shorter cruise, you can enjoy all these premium experiences without breaking the bank.

It is Easier To Share A Room With A Guy For Three Days Instead Of Seven

My wife seems to have no issues sharing a room with her girlfriends, but guys seem to be less open to this for various reasons. Plus there's issues such as snoring, CPAP machines, farting, and other factors that might make sharing a cruise ship cabin with another guy for a long period of time less than enjoyable.

However, on a 3-5 day cruise, it is a lot easier to share cabin space with a friend since those issues don't have time to build up to a level that would be intolerable.

Packing efficiency comes into play, too. You're not struggling to cram a week's worth of belongings into a shared space.

Plus, even if you guys are both very compatible, personal privacy is less compromised during shorter periods of time. Chances are, you'll have fewer quarrels to resolve since there will be less time spent in the cabin together as you'll be busy with activities throughout the ship such as hanging out at the pool, bars, shows, or on some ships activities such as laser tag and surfing. By the time you come back to the cabin it's time to grab a few hours of sleep before doing it all over again the next day!

Ultimately, conflict resolution is simpler when you're not stuck in close quarters for seven days straight. On a shorter cruise, you're more likely to focus on the experience of cruising with your buddies and making memories together rather than getting on each other's nerves. Trust me, less can definitely be more when sharing a cabin on a cruise.

Your Body Can Handle Fewer Days Of Intense Partying Better

With the intensity of onboard parties and activities, your body will thank you for opting for a shorter cruise. Think about this ... you're debating on whether or not to get the drink package but not sure you can manage to get your money's worth since it can be tough to consume 15 drinks a day for an entire week-long voyage. On a three-day trip, though ... bring it on! You can party like you did back in college for a few days even if your stamina and tolerance isn't quite what it once was.

Even if you aren't drinking heavily, the same goes for things like eating big heavy meals and staying up late.

Instead of needing to pace yourself you can go balls to the wall for a short period of time and then recover once you get home. This is about bonding with the boys and creating memories, so get out there and do everything you want ... there's plenty of time to take a nap once you get home again!

If You've Wanted To Take A Guys Cruise But Couldn't Justify A Weeklong Trip, A Shorter Cruise Could Be The Perfect Option!

To sum up, shorter cruises offer significant advantages over traditional seven-day voyages.

They're less costly, easier to schedule and allow for splurging on high-end options. Plus, sharing a room with another guy for a shorter duration can be more manageable and your body will thank you for fewer days of intense partying.

These factors all come together to make a 3, 4 or 5 days cruise an awesome option for a guys trip. So, I totally encourage you to consider booking a cruise like this if you are looking for a budget-friendly, and enjoyable cruising experience for a group of guys that need to be flexible with scheduling their time off. It's a smart choice that promises a memorable holiday without overstretching your resources or stamina!