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  • Maintenance Tips to Rock a Thicker Beard

    Beards come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but having a thicker, shinier beard is always preferred. Whether this is your first time growing out the face fuzz, or you’re pretty familiar with beard maintenance tips, this article can serve as your guide for better-looking facial hair. 

  • How to Keep Your Hair & Beard Looking Great During a Trip

    Planning a trip? Well, it’s that time of the year. The summer season comes packed with thrills, events, festivals, and many other great reasons to pack and head out. In fact, it’s arguably the best season to embrace the beauty, magnificence, and wonders of nature.

  • Grooming Tips Most Men Wish They Learned At A Younger Age

    There is not enough information out there for men when it comes to beauty tips and haircare, and we think that there should be more! Men’s grooming is essential today and with more men stepping up to the grooming plate, it’s important that there are a set of ground rules out there to follow! 

  • Looking Good and Smelling Great Is The Foundation of Male Confidence

    We talk a lot about looking good and proper grooming but we seldom talk about why. Superficially it seems like a focus on style and fashion is just to "look and smell good" but it is much deeper than that for many men. In fact, there are two important elements that we rarely talk about when it comes to male confidence. Proper grooming not only is an easy way for you to do something that makes you feel good and this leads to confidence. The other is that people will see a well groomed man and immediately look at that person as someone that has his shit together. These two elements together will provide a man with the platform he needs to achieve success if he's willing to take things to the next level.

  • Modern Man’s Mandatory Skincare Routine

    Taking care of your skin is even more important for men as they get older. Not only is your skin facing challenges related to aging, but the benefits of looking younger are that much more important. While many of us are in quarantine and working virtually, I find that good looking skin - especially on the face is even more important now since we're stuck in front of the camera doing web conferences. In the past, it was good enough to simply shrug off imperfections and hide behind shadows but today - a good looking face stands out.

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