Awesome Port Cities for a Mancation Cruise That Aren't In Florida
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    Companies and Products We Love On IndieDoGood.Com

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christmas holiday party fashion tips
November 21, 2018

Holiday Party Fashion Tips

in Style and Fashion by James Hills
Tis the season for holiday parties and that gives all of us an opportunity to dress up a bit. While you can certainly show up to most events in plain old "business casual" clothes that you wore to work earlier that day, let's try to spiff things up a bit.
interview with Judd Lormand of CBS's SEAL Team
November 19, 2018

Interview with Judd Lormand of CBS's SEAL Team

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It's hard to imagine a more hard core job than being a US Navy SEAL. These are the guys we call on to do the impossible and if they do it right, we'll never even know what they did. SEAL Team, staring Judd Lormand and a cast of other bad-ass dudes (and ladies) is one of the hottest shows on CBS TV right now. The show follows the team as they train, fight, and execute high-stakes covert missions…
tips for investing in the stock market on your own
November 19, 2018

Tips For Investing In the Stock Market On Your Own

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Buying and selling shares is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. It is also an industry with tons of risk. Many people have joined this industry with the sole aim of making significant profits. Unfortunately it is not quite as easy as it might seem and while you might "get lucky", to consistently make money it requires diligence, practice, and a tolerance for losing money in the…
November 19, 2018

Men's Fashion Gifts For Looking Good During the Holidays

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When it comes to buying gifts, we often forget about making sure we look and feel good too. The folks over at sent us some great items to help guys look great while not spending a ton of money doing so. Products included here include selections from: ZENNI Optical,, Dr Scholl's, Beau Brummell, and because earbuds and headphones are sooooo last year, a super cool item from…
tips for driving in a new city
Nov 17, 2018

Tips For Driving Through a New City

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When most of us imagine a road trip, we envision a blissful scene: long winding roads, the sun beaming down on us, fresh air blowing through the windows, and an empty landscape to explore.
Nov 13, 2018

Cinnamon Sugar English Muffins French Toast Recipe

While many people might look at English muffins simply as a platform to hold melted butter and some jam, for me they are much more versatile than that. In fact while I love them for breakfast and brunch there are a bunch of other uses for them as well. You can find more of those on the Bays English…
Nov 13, 2018

Best Beach Parties Around the World For A Bachelor Party

There comes a time in a man’s life when he can no longer resist the calling of the beach party and this makes a beach party bachelor party that much more awesome. Beach parties have it all: the loud music, the cocktails-on-ice, and the sea to cool off after dancing like a madman. But where should…
Nov 13, 2018

Looking For a TV New Series? Here's What I'm Binge Watching

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We’ve all been in the sad scenario where our favorite series has come to a conclusion, and we haven’t got any more episodes to watch for at least a year. It’s a tough time as you need to find something else to fill the massive void in your life that used to be taken up by hours of this show.
Nov 09, 2018

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii is a jungle of high-rise resorts. While some are mega resorts - others are still focused on making sure the individual guests feel special and as welcome as possible. From the moment we checked into The Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach we felt that Hawaiian spirit and…
Climbing Wheeler Pass Nevada
Nov 09, 2018

Climbing Wheeler Pass with Toyota TRD Pro Trucks

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So many people visit Las Vegas and never venture outside of the strip ... they don't even know what they are missing. On the other hand, I visit the city several times each year and have wondered what adventures the mountains might have in store. On this trip, I hooked up with my friends at Trail…
Forza Horizon 4 is a great inspiration to upgrade your gaming hardware.
Nov 08, 2018

Gear Guide For Gamers Building a Game Room On a Budget

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Sure, you can connect your Xbox to pretty much any old TV and start playing ... but what's the fun in that? There are so many awesome gaming accessories now that the hardcore gamer has so many options to customize their experience. Here's a few of our favorite products for guys who love video games!
ways to make football watching more interesting
Nov 08, 2018

Ways To Make Football Watching Even More Fun This Fall

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Fall football season is in full swing and with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming up it's a topic that will be at top of mind for the foreseeable future. While that's great for die-hard fans, the reality is that there are a bunch of games coming up where you don't care who wins or loses.…
Carnival Triumph sails from New Orleans to the Caribbean including stops at Cozumel

When you think of going on a cruise, you probably think about departing from South Florida or Port Canaveral, but today there are many more options than that. The cool thing about taking a mancation cruise is that you really get three destinations in one experience - the ship, the departure port, and a buffet of other experiences along the way at different stops. While we LOVE the major cruise ports like Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Port Canaveral, here are some of our top picks that you might not already think about.

Set Sail on an Alaskan Cruise From Vancouver

Vancouver is an amazing city that is the gateway for about half of the cruises to Alaska each summer. (Shared with Seattle, Washington which is an other great port city!) When you consider that an Alaska "Land and Sea" tour was the top pick on our 2017 mancation survey, this has got to be our top pick. During the summer months, virtually every cruise line stops in Vancouver or Seattle including: Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Holland America. Once on board, you'll have a range of opportunities for excitement including casinos, shows, bars, good food, people watching, and depending on your ship a whole lot more! For instance, Norwegian Bliss even features a go kart track on board! 

Vancouver is an incredibly fun and progressive city, with some of the best food that I've ever tasted. Plus, not to far from downtown the ski resorts offer incredible summer activities too. This includes mountain biking, hiking, and golf through dense forests and amazing waterfalls. Add that to whale watching, kayaking, and fishing accessible by boat near the cruise pier and this has got something for everyone in your group. If you love Chinese food then the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, BC is a must visit too. They have one of the largest Chinese populations in North America and I'm told that this is the best place in US or Canada to get some amazing authentic Chinese food too.

Cruise To Bermuda From New York City

Sometimes your annual golf trip needs to be shaken up a bit. Why not head to New York City for the excitement of a big city followed by a cruise to Bermuda for some legendary golf?

There’s no shortage of incredible experiences to be had in the Big Apple. People often talk about wanting to enjoy more “experiential travel”; well, New York is then the epitome of it. Unlike some other cities where you might want to rent a car, New York is decidedly unfriendly for personal automobiles. So instead of packing everyone into a couple different Lyft rides, why not try a charter bus rental instead? There are websites for companies that are like Uber for charter buses, where you can type in how many people you need a bus for and your pickup city and destination city, and then get a whole listing of price quotes from charter bus companies bidding for your business. It’s an original way to travel in style, where everybody can travel together and even kick back with some alcoholic beverages without worrying since they have a “designated driver.”

duck foot toast

Cruise To Mexico and West Coast from San Diego

San Diego is often called, "America's Finest City". Ron Burgundy called it a few other things too, but one thing is for certain - this is a great city to start your mancation adventure and it is also a great port city. While much of the cruises from this California port are seasonal, in the Spring and Fall you can find a variety of opportunities here ranging from Baja cruises to Ensenada, Mexico as well as others that stop at ports along the west coast including San Francisco and Astoria, Oregon.

While in San Diego though, make sure to visit one of the more than 100 breweries, grab some tacos and enjoy the beach. For those looking to explore history the city boasts the Museum of Man, The USS Midway, and The San Diego Maritime Museum. 

Cruise to the Caribbean from New Orleans

The "Big Easy" is one of the more interesting cruise ports since the city is so far inland compared to others that are right on the ocean. Because of this, you have almost half a day where your phones will work on board (without extra fees) as you cruise along the Mississippi River. The city itself is the perfect book ends for your cruise adventure though since there are 24-hour parties all year long and you've got no shortage of awesome mancation activities including bars, food, museums such as the National WW2 Museum, and not too far from town you've got great fishing, Louisiana swamp tours, and opportunities to get up close and personal with alligators.

castillo san filipe del morro fortress san juan puerto rico

Cruise the Caribbean from San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan is an incredible city and Puerto Rico is an amazing island that deserves more attention. While many ships stop here for the day, it's a challenge to truly enjoy this island without spending a few days. While there are plenty of things to do right in San Juan from exploring historic sites like Castillo San Felipe del Morro to sampling rum cocktails and Puerto Rican food, the real adventure is in the countryside. There you will be able to hike through a rain forest, paddle through the glowing "bio bay" in Vieques, or get some surfing lessons. It's literally the best part of taking a shore excursion ... without worrying about missing the boat when it leaves for the day. 

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