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utility knife

A utility knife is one of the most useful and essential pieces of kit that any guy should have with him at all times.

What is a Utility Knife

A utility knife is a portable finger-friendly hardware tool that helps people cut through many different materials easily without worrying about their safety due to the enhanced safety features of the utility knife. 

Utility knives became highly demanded as people started understanding the benefits of owning one. As mentioned, a utility knife is one of the safest tools to help people cut through different surfaces. 

Additionally, most utility knives nowadays allow users to replace the blade inside of the frame of the utility knife whenever the tip loses its sharpness. Some types of utility knives are intended for multipurpose uses - allowing people to accomplish different types of projects without causing damage to the utility knife or themselves due to using the wrong tool for a project. 

How Utility Knives Have Become a Handy Solution for People

Utility knives are used in different environments and for different types of projects. For example, finger-friendly utility knife are used in households to easily cut through cardboard boxes of online deliveries or even to open packages in the kitchen, because they provide safe experience due to their blade design. Many households are leaning towards purchasing utility knives because of their safety features, in order to be at peace of mind that no one will get hurt because of owning a knife in their house. 


On the other hand, offices use utility knives to open envelopes containing confidential contracts without putting the envelope's contents at risk of getting cut through. 

Other environments have also found utility knives as handy solutions for many projects. For instance, electricians have found that cutting wires with a utility knife is the best solution; construction workers use it to cut through drywall, carpet removers to remove fixed carpets from floors, and many more.

Different Types of Utility Knives

As many environments started to use utility knives, different types started to enter the market, and nowadays, many types of utility knives are available for people to choose from.

The most important thing when choosing a utility knife is to understand which type is intended for a specific job. 


The multipurpose utility knife can be used for many different projects. The ceramic blade utility knife is suggested for people who are not handy with knives, as this type’s blade is finger-friendly and hard to cause harm to users. Another type is the folding utility knife, which helps people carry the knife in their pockets without worrying whether it will cut through their skin.

In a nutshell, there are many different types to choose from, and it is best to do some research before purchasing a utility knife. 


How to Properly Use Utility Knives for a Safe Cutting Experience 

1. Use the Utility Knife at an Angle Away from your Body

When it comes to using utility knives, it is important to use them properly. Even though most utility knives are equipped with numerous safety features nowadays, the possibility of accidents is not impossible. For that, make sure to use the utility knife at an angle away from your body to decrease the possibility of harming yourself as much as possible. 

2. Make Sure the Blade is Finger-Friendly 

Another way to ensure that you are properly using a utility knife and having a safe cutting experience is to purchase a utility knife with a finger-friendly blade. One of the most finger-friendly utility knife blades is the ceramic one. The ceramic utility blade is usually stronger than other blades due to the ceramic material, and the tip is not as sharp as others but can cut through hard surfaces easily. 

3. Make Use of the Lock Feature Before and After the Cutting Process

One of the most important steps that people sometimes forget when using a utility knife is not turning the lock feature on during the cutting process. Many people assume that the lock feature is only used to lock the blade in its frame whenever they are done using the utility knife. 


However, the lock feature can also be used during the cutting process. In other words, whenever a user turns the lock feature on when cutting something, the blade will lock in its place, and the user will not have to worry about the blade slipping inside its frame and even causing an accident because of the firm pressure they had on the tool. 

So, make sure to use the lock feature properly - that is, both during and after the cutting process.


To conclude, utility knives are considered handy and user-friendly tools that help people cut through many different surfaces, such as cardboard, foam, paper, and even drywall and wood. 

Different types of utility knives are available nowadays in the market for people to choose from, and to purchase the right one, people need to research and find the best one applicable to their projects. 

Thus, people should use the right type of utility knife and use it properly to have the safest cutting experience.