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  • What Tequila Fans Need To Know About Sotol

    If you're a tequila enthusiast looking to broaden your horizons, sotol should be on your radar. As you know, I'm absolutely enamored by Mexican food and drink. While I've had Sotol, in the past - I didn't get a chance to truly explore it until Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua sent me a few bottles to try. Now I'm hooked. This lesser-known Mexican spirit offers a unique flavor profile that is distinctly different from tequila, yet is equally captivating. Derived from the Dasylirion Wheeleri plant, sotol boasts a complex blend of herbaceous, fruity, and resinous notes that will intrigue your palate when paired with fresh Mexican seafood and grilled meats. But there's more to this spirit than just its taste. From its rich history and production methods to its regional variations, sotol has a story to tell. Are you ready to explore what makes this spirit a worthy addition to your collection?

  • Top Whiskey Regions Around The World That Men Need To Visit

    As a passionate traveler with a taste for the diverse alcoholic beverages crafted by different cultures, I'm no stranger to the rich flavors and intricate craftsmanship that go into each bottle. But have you ever ventured into the world's top whiskey regions, where these precious drinks are born? Consider the Scottish Highlands with their ancient traditions, the American Bourbon Trail steeped in history, Canada's rye whisky tours, Ireland's renowned distilleries, and the emergent stars of Japanese whisky. There's a world of whiskey waiting for you, offering experiences that connect you to the people and places on a deeper level than just capturing images for sharing later.

  • 135 East Hyogo Dry Gin Review: London Dry Gin Meets Traditional Japanese Influences

    As a guy who loves exploring new and unique spirits, 'East' represents more than just a cardinal direction to me. It's a treasure trove of rich culture traditions and exotic spices that I love to embrace even when I'm not able to travel. While I've had Japanese whiskeys in my collection before, I have never had the opportunity to try a Japanese gin until now. With 135 East Hyogo Dry Gin from Kaikyo distillery, I just got my passport stamped for a tasty trip exploring the flavors of Japanese botanicals in a gin based on distilled sake.

  • Gray Whale Gin Cocktails For Summer Entertaining

    Gray Whale Gin is one of my favorite West Coast gins right now. Not only does it have a great story, a brand that I can support, and taste great... but frankly speaking it also just looks fantastic on the bar. This gin, distilled six times from a gluten-free corn base, captures the essence of the gray whale's 12,000-mile migratory voyage in each drop, with botanicals sourced from the whale's path spanning from the tip of Baja to the Arctic ocean, it is also an inspiration to travel to some of my favorite places. 

  • How To Avoid A Hangover On Your Next Guys Trip

    Vacations mean fun and drinking is often part of the total experience. Whether it's visiting breweries, whiskey tasting at a distillery, or a late night of partying at the nightclubs, drinking too much can lead to a hangover, leaving you feeling sick with headaches and nausea. While the best way to avoid this is to eat something before going out, drink plenty of water, and moderate your alcohol consumption - avoiding a hangover on vacation can be more complicated than that. Luckily, I've had some experience with this and hopefully you can avoid the troubles that I've experienced over the years. Get ready. This article will guide you through steps to prevent that dreaded hangover while still enjoying your vacation drinks.

  • Drink In The Spirit Of An Aurora Borealis This Summer

    If you were lucky like we were in North West Ohio, you may have gotten a pretty awesome lightshow this past weekend. It was truly an extraordinary experience that normally you might need to head north to Alaska or Finland to experience. For Heather and I though, we got to not only enjoy the lights... but sampled some fabulous wines from Oregon that were made in celebration of the Northern Lights. Borealis Vintners couldn't have picked a more perfect time since their Rose, Pinot Gris, and White Blend arrived just in time for us to chill them a bit and put it in our cooler to enjoy while relaxing outside enjoying the northern lights.

  • Mixers To Stock Up On For The Perfect Summer Cocktails

    It's that time of year again... a shift from warming up with whiskey drinks to cooling down with fruity frozen rum cocktails, are you ready?

  • Let's Celebrate St Patrick's Day With Two Irish Whiskey Cocktails From Glendalough Distillery

    Irish Whiskey has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in recent years and while it is undeniably linked to St Patrick's Day celebrations across America, the reality is that Irish whiskey distillers are working hard to innovate and change the perception of their craft as simply a seasonal libation. We are particularly impressed with the aging process delivered by Glendalough Double Barrel since it takes a classic Irish whiskey but then let's it age in American oak Bourbon barrels and finish in Spanish oak Oloroso Sherry barrels for that ultimate sense of refinement that defines this unique expression of Ireland's treasured spirit.

  • What The Hell Is Cotton Candy Wine?

    As a wine enthusiast keen to explore new expressions, I couldn't resist the intriguing fusion of carnival nostalgia that the concept of Cotton Candy Wine brings to the table. With my background and education in winemaking, I've had the delight of exploring unique vintages around the world and well... this is certainly a unique blend. But a question begs, is it crafted from actual cotton candy or is it merely a clever marketing ploy?

    Surprisingly, I found that (like everything in winemaking), the answer is considerably more complicated than I initially assumed. The simple answer is that many different products are using the same name and while "Cotton Candy Wine" can be made quite literally from cotton candy floss found at the carnival food stands to the Shiava grapes in Italy to the hybrid table grapes found at your local supermarket - the simple truth remains. If something tasty can be distilled or fermented, people will find a way to do it. In situations like this where it makes people happy... they will do it again and again!

  • Celebrating "Dry January" With A De-Alcoholized Wines Pairing From Fre and Gieson 0%

    I'm not a big fan of the idea behind "dry January"... the notion of creating a "time out" implies that overconsumption instead of moderation is ok and while for some this might be the opportunity to put them on the right path again, I'd prefer that people approach the concept of bing drinking in othere more practical ways. Regardless though, this is a great time of year to take a look at non-alcohol wines and how the industry is evolving in terms of packaging, production quality, and technology that allows them to be a palatable alternative to alcoholic wines for folks who, for whatever reason choose not to imbibe.

  • For Black Owned Red Bear Winery Diversity Brings New Influences To Classic Sonoma Wine

    Alexander Valley AVA in Sonoma is one of my favorite regions for Cabernet Sauvignon. This is partially due to my inclination to rebel against the overwhelming snobbery of its big brother next door in Napa - but also due to the fact that for a fraction of the price, you can get phenomenal vintages from more unique, often boutique wineries where the winemakers are approachable and willing to talk about why they love what they do. While Napa has priced out all but the wealthiest winemaking families and is now essentially controlled by historic families, corporations, and celebrities - there's still a sense of innovation at work in Sonoma. This includes the story of father and son team, Wayne and Samuel Jordan who are building Red Bear Winery.

  • Ready For Coquito? Puerto Rico's Hipper, More Fun, and Ready To Party Answer To Eggnog

    I recently heard a saying that great storytellers never finish the tale because they fear they will lose their value if all the secrets are shared. That same thing seems true for good holiday recipes passed down from mother to daughter and father to son. In my wife and I's case, though - neither of us has a Puerto Rican family to rely on and I swear the person who was responsible for getting us hooked on her coquito deliberately omitted an ingredient or a key process. Over the years, Heather has continued to research and experiment in a quest to create if not the PERFECT Puerto Rican Coquito... at least one that is uniquely ours and a holiday tradition that we both enjoy making, drinking, and sharing with others.

  • Golan Heights Winery Is A Name You Should Be Familiar With Beyond Just Jewish Holy Days

    Every Passover and Hanukkah it seems like different Kosher or Isralie wineries appear on our editorial schedule and each year I become more and more impressed with not just the realm of "Kosher Wines" but in the taste and quality of wines from Israel. Plus, if you are a wine conessour like myself where every sip is a way to travel virtually to a new land, a journey to try something new beyond just a tasty beverage - there are few places on Earth with as rich of a vinocultural heritage as the Golan Heights.

  • Sonoma Triple Finish Brings The Best Of California And Kentucky Together

    As a connoisseur of spirits, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the Woodford Reserve's Sonoma Triple Finish, a remarkable fusion of California and Kentucky's finest. This limited-edition bourbon is my latest discovery, one that truly pushes the envelope of fine whiskeys. Its uniqueness lies in the distinct influence of three casks - Pinot Noir wine, brandy, and bourbon.

  • Drinkmate OmniFizz Proves That Just Because You Can Carbonate Any Liquid, It Doesn't Mean You Should!

    You've probably heard of Soda Stream... for the past few years it's been the rage of suburban housewives and kids who refuse to drink plain ole' water but love pop. Well I'm not sure what happened recently but it seems like there are a ton of competitors fighting it out on the market all of a sudden. Well, compared to Drinkmate OmniFizz, Soda Stream just feels old and tired. We've run our Drinkmate through the paces over the past few months and added bubbles to everything from whiskey to cold brew coffee but we settled on a simple classic sparkling lemon water as a practical favorite.

  • Mezcal Amaras Is Committed To Sustainably Produced Ancestral Mezcal

    Mezcal Amarás is a perfect example of why I'm absolutely enthralled by this spirit! Alcohol has had a unique place in the history of man and the act of fermentation is probably as old as the act of grilling meat. Throughout it's history, our ancestors celebrated this magic liquid's ability to both open up a portal to experience a different plane of existence for religious and mystic purposes as well to frankly... just feel good. While most spirits today are simply commercial and indeed industrial operations designed purely for commercial profit - there still exists a cadre of mezcaleros who keep their ancient traditions alive so that we can experience them ourselves.

  • Cantera Negra Tequila Pays Homage To The Rich Volcanic Soil Of Jalisco

    This premium brand is unveiling a collection of delectable cocktails, perfect for celebrating the season. The Cantera Negra portfolio, including Silver, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo, and Café, stands out with no additives (except in the Café) and aging that exceeds the standard for Reposado and Añejo.

  • NOËL Tequila, A Taste Of Jalisco With A Louisiana Twist

    Louisiana isn't the place you normally think of when it comes to unique spirits and especially tequila but the Noël family from Donaldsonville - Ascension Parish (just outside of New Orleans) have whipped up some creative, delicious, and intriguing offerings that show what can be created from a cross-border partnership with a Mexican distillery. In addition to tequila, the distillery is also producing vodka and rum as well as offering tours.

  • Frey Ranch Bourbon From Nevada Brings A Western Backdrop To Classic American Whiskey

    Bourbon's historical home is the wooded hills and hollers of backwoods Kentucky. The cool mountain streams and springs matched with the fertile cornfields and Scots-Irish immigrants looking to do something with their extra corn beyond just another round of cornbread and Johnny Cakes. However, they weren't the only farmers that enjoyed the smooth, slightly sweet tasting corn liquor we know today as bourbon. As settlers expanded westward, they brought whiskey with them and the most ingenious of them brought stills and set up production wherever they landed on the western frontier.

  • Puncher's Chance Bourbon: The Left Cross - A Knockout Limited Edition

    Wolf Spirit distillery based in Eugene, Oregon is quickly becoming one of my favorite spirits producers due to their innovative assortment of fine spirits brands that connect deeply with a sense of heritage, history, and culture that allow them to integrate easily into any man's collection. For me anyhow, there are spirits I have and need to blend different drinks... and then there are ones like Puncher's Chance Bourbon and indeed Bosscal Mezcal (also by Wolf Spirits) that exist to create conversations around and will be featured on the shelf of my bar for people to see, while others will be stored in my liquor cabinet hidden from sight.