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  • Manischewitz Re-Brand Makes Passover Cooking Even More Fun and Exciting

    I've been using Manischewitz food and wine products for decades and even though I'm a Gentile... I love celebrating Jewish culture, music, and food. In fact, my wife grew up not even realizing that certain recipes were "Jewish", she simply embraced them as part of her Polish heritage. For me it was a similar situation and I've loved making latkes, matzo ball soup, brisket and other kosher treats for as long as I've know how to cook. That's why I was super excited when the folks at Manischewitz sent over a box featuring their new branding as well as a bunch of items that I'd never seen before.

  • Suvie Truely Is The Robotic Chef That Most Busy Men Didn't Realize They Needed

    For most Gen X men like myself, the notion of having a hearty delicious meal waiting for us when we got home after a long day of work is a romantic notion that faded away as more moms and wives took an active role in the workplace. Along with that trend though was a resugence in men taking on kitchen duties at home. Somewhere in the middle of this transition is an entire spectrum of services ranging from Freshley to Blue Apron to game changing platforms like SUVIE that for the first time is a product that I can see having as a part of my life beyond a particularly busy time when I don't have time to shop and source my own stuff.

  • Hot Honey Shrimp Tater Cake Bites

    Hot honey is a trend that I've been wrestling with for a while since it's genesis seemingly was Nashville, Tennessee with Prince's famous Hot Honey Chicken starting in the 1930s but other tales suggest it goes back earlier to Brazil and some credit the trend to hipsters and millenials who think they discovered everything for the first time. Regardless of who actually discovered that chiles and honey go well together... this is a winning flavor combination that works well on a variety or proteins. So, to take "hot chicken" to the next level, I've prepared a recipe for Hot Honey Shrimp served on Tater Cakes. 

  • Mushroom and Chicken Chili Pepper Alfredo With Frankies 457 Pasta And Calabrian Chili Oil

    For this recipe I've created something of an excersise in conflict - the rich, creamy alfredo sauce, topped with the earthy, rustic mushrooms, roasted chicken, and spicy chili flakes spice blend that is brought together with a hearty quality pasta that is better that anything you can find at the grocery store and then a strong drizzle of Frankies 457 Calabrian Chil Oil to bring everything together. OMG it's so good!

  • Shrimp Green Curry Prepared With Mike's Organic Curry Love Sauce

    I love Thai food - along with Vietnamese it was one of the first real ethnic foods that I was introduced to as a kid (growing up in San Francisco - Chinese and Mexican were as American as burgers and hot dogs!). Thai though is special... there's a subtle elegance of flavors that come together with art and precision but somehow still feels organic and not necessarily the production of a team of chefs and sous chefs working in concert to craft the perfect culinary experience. 

  • Explore A Taste Of The South With Sarge's Shrimp & Grits

    We get a lot of different samples here and some are better than others. Very often I will make a sample and after I've shot photos and had a few samples of the recipe... I just don't care anymore. Not this time! Sarge's Shrimp & Grits Sauce along with their Yellow Stone Ground Grits makes a freaking incredible dinner that is also relatively easy to prepare as well.

  • The INKBIRDPLUS Vacuum Sealer Is The Perfect Helper For Weekend Guys Trip Meal Planning

    Meal planning is an important part of any guys trip - you have multiple guys with multiple different preferences for meats - and there’s always that one guy that is vegetarian or only does keto. In the past, we’ve just planned to stop at a grocery store once we were on site wherever that might be but if you are doing just a quick weekend guys trip - for instance to a lake house or hunting cabin - it’s way easier to go shopping before you leave. In the past that’s meant throwing piles of packaged meats and veggies into the cooler and there’s probably been leftovers that go to waste. Now though, with the INKBIRDPLUS vacuum sealer, you can plan those meals ahead of time and package exactly what you need for each guy.

  • California-Italian Inspired: Sausage, Roasted Jalapeno, Sun Dried Tomato Paccheri Alfredo

    I first met Giada de Laurentiis a few years ago at the opening of her first restaurant - a fabulous spot in the Cromwell Hotel on the Vegas strip. I'd become numb in terms of meeting celebrity chefs and foodpreneuers since most concepts were merely the celebrity's name and not much else. Giada was different though - not only was she there that night watching us take photos and videos but she even criticized us for taking too many pictures and letting the food get cold! So, when her PR person reached out a few weeks ago with an offer to send me some of her new line of Giadzy Pasta... I knew it was going to be good!

  • Inspired By Gobi Curry: Roasted Cauliflower Curry Bites

    Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables since it is so incredibly versatile. From roasting and grilling to ricing and even mashing... cauliflower has a unique ability to act as a blank canvas for whatever you as the chef... artist... can dream up. For me, I love roasting my veggies on the grill. There's that perfect char that comes from grilling that just can't be replicated by an air fryer or convection oven. So, for today's recipe, I'm going to present one inspired by Gobi Curry but far far easier to prepare and dare I say... a lot less messy too!

  • Many Men Love To Eat Beaver - Yes, You Can Eat Beaver Meat!

    In the realm of unusual culinary delights, beaver meat has made something of a splash. When prepared properly, beaver meat can be a safe to eat, healthy, game meat, that might be the perfect thing for your next game meat dinner. That's right! A number of men (and women) actually savor this unconventional red meat for its unique flavors and surprising health benefits. Despite raising many eyebrows, it's neither a modern fad nor an odd survivalist regime - people have been consuming beaver meat diligently for centuries across North America. 

    Yet, not everyone is familiar with this aquatic animal as foodstuff.

  • Unveiling The Truth: Are Plant-Based Burgers Actually Healthier Than Meat?

    In recent years, the demand for plant-based burgers has skyrocketed, driven by growing health concerns, environmental issues, and a desire by eco-conscious consumers to reduce damages that they see to the environment by the consumption of animal products. In addition to concerns related to sustainability, plant-based meats and plant-based meat alternatives are also increasingly popular due to perceived health benefits that are widely observed among those men who enjoy vegan, vegetarian, or indeed just a diet that is low in the consumption of red meat and high in nutrient-rich vegetables. Unfortunately, in the past these plant-based alternatives simply haven't been all that tasty. Options that existed in the past like "Bean Burgers" and "Veggie Burgers" were simply not a realistic alternative for hungry carnivores like myself. Things have changed though... meatless burgers today are much tastier but are they actually healthier than meat? 

  • Beans Vs Meat, Which Is The Better Protein Source For Men?

    When it comes to getting enough protein in our diets, most of us automatically turn to meat. But what if there were a healthier, more sustainable option? Enter: beans! Many people are unaware that beans can be an excellent source of protein for men — and possibly even better than meat. In this article we'll compare the two and determine which is truly the superior source of protein.

  • Local Specialty Foods You Should Try When Visiting Scandinavia

    Scandinavia is a subregion in northern Europe with a rich cultural background and strong historical and linguistic bonds among its people, which have been maintained for centuries and are still evident today. In addition to its exciting offerings, such as the mesmerizing northern lights and stunning architecture, its cuisine is a standout.

  • Prince St Pizza Brings A Taste Of New York City To San Diego

    You may have heard of Prince St Pizza as an iconic New York City pizza shop that has rapidly joined the ranks of regional favorites that are now available nationwide through Gold Belly. However, they have also been aggressively expanding with retail locations too. Most recently, that list of places that you can get authentic New York pizza now includes San Diego! I don't say this lightly but I was actually pretty impressed with these guys and as any fan of pizza in the Big Apple knows... it's all about the water.

  • Goodles Is Mac and Cheese But Done Gooder

    Ok, let's face it - we're talking about mac & cheese here and frankly I'm not sure if this is a kids food or an adult food anymore since I love it as much now as I didn't back then. However, the reality is that while the classic is easy to make and emotionally satisfying, the stuff is actually pretty crappy from a food quality and even taste perspective. 

  • A Guide to the Best and Most Popular Restaurants in Mexico

    When most people think of Mexican food, they imagine basic Tex-Mex dishes like tacos and burritos. While these dishes can be delicious, they don't come close to representing the true diversity of Mexican cuisine. There are many amazing restaurants in Mexico that will make you rethink your perception of Mexican cuisine. In this blog post, we will list nine of the top restaurants in Mexico, each with its own unique take on Mexican cuisine.

  • Let's Grab Some Grilled Wings And Steak Bites At Bub's At The Ballpark

    Every great ballpark deserves an equally great place to go before, after and well... this is the San Diego Padres here, so during a game where it's better to drown your sorrows in cold pints of craft beer and smoking hot grilled wings. That's what Bub's delivers. It's probably the best sports bar in San Diego and a place we like to frequent even when the Padres aren't playing.

  • Skip The Butcher Shop Here's Where To Buy Premium Steaks Online

    If you're looking for the best steaks money can buy, you don't need to go to your local butcher shop. In fact, you don't even need to leave your house! There are a number of premium steak retailers online that offer an amazing selection of cuts and styles, all with the convenience of home delivery. So why should you buy steaks online? Let's take a look.

  • Dirty Birds San Diego Has Some Of The Best Wings In America's Finest City

    Wings used to be one of those things that came free with a happy hour special at your local pub. Today though they are a premium treat that in some cases is just as expensive as a steak or good piece fish. Unfortunately not all wings are equal and so it can be very complicated to separate the premium wing companies that are worth spending your money on, from the ones that think you just don't know any better. Lucky for me - and millions of others in San Diego! - Dirty Birds is a great example of a company producing a fantastic product that I personally can't wait to enjoy again on my own dime.

  • Creamy Poblano Shrimp Eggs Benedict Recipe

    Eggs Benedict is one of my all time favorite things to eat and I know that's true among many of my friends as well. It's a special dish that is generally reserved for special occasions and restaurants. However, it's easier to make at home than you might imagine.