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An essential element of cultivating customers and clients is making sure they trust our firm to perform. That relationship will take time to build and can lose out on trust with only a simple poor action. For this reason, learning to strengthen and secure communications with those who support us is a key measure that we need to provide, or else, accounts can be overtaken, bad information can leak out there, and sensitive data may be stolen.

After all, Twitch, one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world (and directly owned by Amazon) recently suffered an immense data leak which also made the incomes of its top streamers accessible to all. This is a great example of a true PR and logistical nightmare for a top PR company, and that in itself is a problem.

Strengthening and securing communications between your firm and its audience, then, should be focused on as a crucial necessity, rather than an appealing luxury. In this post, we’ll discuss three tips to help your growing business achieve that:


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a great means by which to help your clients secure their online accounts with you. This can help them receive a text or an email, or even a security app code every time they log into their account, so that if their password is ever compromised it will be only the owner of the account who can complete the second step. This is why integrating the best SMS API is so essential, as sending out quick messages in a secure fashion is key to this approach.


A Verification Process For Security

It’s very important to make sure that in some cases, you ask your clients to prove who they are or to take such steps as verifying the email address and phone number they use on your account. For some companies, you may even wish to see identification before providing your goods. You will often see this in websites that book vacations, for instance, or those that might sell an adult-only product like alcohol. A verification process can be as stringent or as light as you feel it necessary, but not having that in place could be a problem and open yourself up for spam.


Optional Sign-Up

One thing that customers dislike is being bombarded with emails or flyers after signing up for your firm and giving you a chance. At times like this, it’s a great idea to make some of these optional offerings totally choice-based, rather than mandatory. This way, working on provisions that actually encourage your clients to engage more rather than simply forcing them into loyalty point programs, forums or other functionalities can be key. You may incentivize a newsletter sign up with a first time purchase promotion, for example. This way your communications become no more secure, but you certainly generate goodwill by not being overly pushy or aggressively pursuing sales.

With this advice, you’re sure to strengthen and secure communications between your firm and its audience going forward.