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Watching Slingbox While Riding in the Car

March Madness is almost over, unfortunately my favorite teams are all out of the running but I'm still excited to see how things playout this weekend. Unfortunately I'm going to be away from home and that sucks - except for the fact that I have Slingbox! So, this weekend and next week while traveling I'll be able to watch all the action on my phone as well as even through my DVR by connecting to it at night to watch SportsCenter and catch up on all the predictions. What's even better is that I'm giving a Slingbox 500 away to one of you, so make sure you check that out at the bottom and enter for a chance to win one!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, I prepared this video review ...

Essentially, Slingbox is a device that sits between your cable box and your TV and streams the content to your phone, tablet, computer, or even another TV that's connected to a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast (now GoogleCast).

back of slingbox

Over the past eight months since I've used it, I've managed to watch my favorite games from a variety of locations - even when I'm nowhere near a "traditional" TV.

football on slingbox

 15 Places Where I've Used Slingbox to Watch TV:

  1. While riding in the car
  2. At a party 
  3. Waiting for my flight to depart
  4. On an airplane flying home during the Super Bowl
  5. In bed, streaming to my tablet
  6. At dinner waiting for someone to arive
  7. At the Dr's office
  8. On my computer's second monitor while waiting for a video to compile
  9. While walking the dog
  10. Camping - squeezing a few last minutes of TV before leaving internet access!
  11. On the couch instead of watching what my wife wanted to watch :)
  12. While grocery shopping
  13. At lunch
  14. While waiting for the valet to bring my car back
  15. In a limo during a beer tour

There's really no stopping where you can stream your favorite games. With Slingbox, there are no monthly fees and no limits on where you can stream things to, so the sky is the limit ... well actually not even that I guess!

streaming from air


Are you ready to get the freedom to watch what you want to watch where you want to watch it like I have? Then check out our Slingbox giveaway below!