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guide to buying tech gifts for her

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is starting to create lists of gifts, the shopping spree begins, and a headache caused by finding the perfect gift begins to set in. Everyone has different needs and expectations, so how to find the ideal gift for a woman that loves technology? The socks or beauty products sets seem to be out of question this time, so here are some tips that will help you find the perfect gift.

Search for Problem Solvers

Does she have a problem of forgetting to drink water? A smart bottle that connects to the phone or even lights up as a reminder might be a perfect choice. Does she hate to reach into a trash can? Then those automatically opening ones will be her lifesavers. The best way to find an ideal gift is to cater to the needs of the person you are looking for a gift for. The technology that helps to solve and eliminate everyday issues or problems the person is facing is the one that will always be appreciated by tech lovers. Also, it adds that extra touch of thoughtfulness.

Nothing Too Complicated

Something that everyone should keep in mind while getting a gift is not creating additional problems. You surely do not want to make her life harder by getting something too extra. So, let’s forget about gifting something mega big that will take a lot of space in her house.  Also, please do not think about getting her a bread-maker if she has gluten intolerance.  Yes, we know that bread can be gluten-free, but those require additional skill mastering, a lot of errors and attempts, and recipes with so many extra ingredients that, let’s say it together, IT WILL CREATE MORE PROBLEMS, so this is a no-no.

Practicality over Flashiness

She loves coffee. Great! We do too, but if you decide to get her the fanciest coffee maker thing about her countertop space – if there is not enough space to place more than a cutting board on them, do not get her the one that has the biggest milk fridge, coffee, and coffee ground reservoir. Before getting something best in the selection, think if it will be useful and practical for the one you are getting it to. The itty-bitty Nespresso coffee maker with a small milk frother might be a better option if she shares her apartment with roommates or her kitchen is not straight from the Jamie Oliver show. This way, it will not stay in the box somewhere far away!

Get Her What She Needs

The perfect gift is the one that she will use, and what is the one thing that every tech lover has and uses the most? A phone! And what every tech lover wants? To keep it safe! So a phone case is that perfect option. But you may think that a phone case is not that impressive, but it is the ideal time to think about it again. Nowadays, the phone accessory market is as big as the market for mobile phones, and BURGA has over 120 designs carefully crafted and created by their graphic designer team. From festive to classical, from marble dreams to high-fashion inspired prints, all of it can be found in their Tough series that come with double-layer protection, so a couple of such phone cases might be just it.

All in all, getting a perfect gift is near impossible if you do not know what the person likes, needs, or wants. So before spending all you have saved for gifts to impress her, spend some time asking around and listening when she talks passionately about some appliance or new technology. She might simply need new headphones for her trips to the gym or… SOCKS, but the ones that warm up!