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  • New TV Show Highlights from San Diego Comic-Con 2015

    Comic-Con is over for the year, but here's some things you might have missed if you weren't one of the 130,000 people that invaded San Diego last week. I'm glad it's over, but now the fun part is sorting through trailers that were released, swag that was gotten, and photos that were snapped hoping to make some sense out of this event that at one time was a "comic" convention but is now a mashup of TV and Movie press junket, cosplay festival, and all around geek spring break. 

    What's frustrating though is that while you can't help but be bombarded by messages for one show or another you never know more than the name unless you wait in line for the panels or watch the videos and trailers when you get back. So, that's what I did and here's my thoughts on some upcoming shows you won't want to miss...

  • 10 Reasons I Am Buying My Father-In-Law Netflix for His Birthday

    For the past several years, I have been a loyal subscriber and frankly a fan of Netflix. It was the first really solid response that answered those who pleaded for a genuine, legal alternative to pirating movies and TV shows. Today, it has grown from a dumping ground for "old stuff" into a first rate producer of quality original content that rivals anything found on traditional TV channels. July 1st is my father-in-law's birthday and even though computers and streaming video is something that isn't among his most comfortable skills I'm giving him a subscription to Netflix and a Roku to play it on. 

    You really don't need ten reasons why Netflix makes a great gift but I went through their catalogue to help him find stuff I know he will love to watch! The tough part was limiting my choices to just ten selections.

    BTW, this is not a sponsored post. I just love Netflix and am excited to give him something that I know he will love.

  • Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn Coming Nov 22

    At one point or another, almost every guy has thought about "donating"... yes, that kind of donation :)

    What happens though after that intimate moment in the lab, no one really thinks about - but the new Vince Vaugh movie Delivery Man takes that to the logical next steps, 533 of them!

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