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  • Vacation Packages For The 2024 U.S. Open - Plan By Not Planning At All!

    The US Open is one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world and, this year, will take place at North Carolina’s Pinehurst Country Club for the fourth time in the last 25 years. While you might be able to make your own plans, the reality is most of the best accommodations have been booked or allocated to travel companies long ago. Luckily for you guys though, there are various companies offering bespoke travel packages that include tickets to the rounds of your choice, high-quality accommodations, and hospitality options to folks looking to make it a trip.

  • Surviving Sexual Harassment Charges: A Guide For Men To Defend Themselves

    Surviving sexual harassment charges requires measured strategies. First, cease contact with the accuser to respect their boundaries and protect your interests. Following that, secure professional legal representation to navigate the complex legal landscape. A competent lawyer will guide you through plea deal discussions, potentially lessening penalties. To conclude, maintaining appropriate personal conduct can heavily influence the court's perception of you. Respectful and disciplined behavior towards all parties is crucial. This guide can provide further insights into managing such situations.

  • Comparing General Contractor License Requirements Across Different States

    So you've got your eyes set on a new vacation home or maybe you are considering building a beach house in North Carolina but you are from another state. The laws and regulations regarding general contractor licenses is something that you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes exploring. Quite frankly, I didn't do that when we moved to Michigan and while things worked out... I got lucky. You might not have the same experience as we did!

  • Beyond The Tree Stand: Other Styles Of Hunting That You May Want To Try

    If you're feeling a bit restless in your tree stand, why not mix things up and dive into diverse hunting styles? Ever thought about testing your aim with handgun hunting? Or grappling with the intricacies of reloading a black powder muzzleloader? Experience the adrenaline rush of spear hunting or fine-tune your precision and patience with bow hunting. You could even dabble in trapping using snares or body grips. If you're a tech enthusiast, hunting carts and e-bikes can open up unchartered territories for you to explore. Hunting and outdoor adventure sports are not just about sitting silently in a tree. So venture out, try these styles, and you might just stumble upon a new favorite. And guys, there's more where that came from, so stay tuned!

  • WellBody WingSpan Review: A Massage Gun That Finally Hits The Right Spot

    After countless reviews of different massage guns I've come to the opinion that they are pretty much all the same. Sure... some have heating or cooling heads, better/worse quality materials that they are built from but they all pretty much do the same thing and have the same biggest weakness - they are impossible to use if you want to massage awkward areas like shoulders and back. Even calf muscles and triceps can be a challenge.. While we've reviewed a dozen or so massage guns over the past several years - nothing was like the WingSpan. While we've been let down in the past, this one promised to hit the right spot.

  • Hugo 2 Remote Prostate Massager Review: A Fun Way For Couples To Explore Something New

    Most sex toys for men that we've been pitched over the years focus on replicating stimulation from the front, but that's not the only area in which men can have a pleasurable experience, and things are changing. Couples are experimenting more and taboos that existed for generations are quickly fading away. LELO knows this and has updated their Hugo prostate massager to make it better and more accessible for couples who are looking for something new to try together.

  • Review Of The Hedgehog Turbo T2 Family Boot and Glove Dryer

    Drawing from the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin who said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," I recently invested some time to check out the Hedgehog Turbo Boot and Glove Dryer. Straight from the icy fjords of Norway, this little gem is a travel friendly accessory that will keep you comfortable hiking in Utah, fishing in Montana, or Skiing in Tahoe. No matter where you go, you'll be armed with a compact brushless motor and high-pressure airflow, promises to nip the problem of damp footwear in the bud. Its design has claimed prestigious accolades including the Red Dot Award, MUSE Design Award, and NY Product Design Award in 2022.

  • Spring Fitness Tips To Get Back In Shape As The Ice Begins To Thaw

    Just as the frost begins to retreat, revealing the fresh green of spring, I find myself yearning to shake off my winter lethargy. It's the perfect time to reinvigorate our fitness routine, don't you think? Let's explore some effective spring fitness tips to get back in shape. From investing in the right footwear, setting achievable goals, to tracking our progress - there's much we can do to ensure we're ready for summer. But, where should we start? What's the best strategy to follow? Stick around; I promise you'll find the answers intriguing.

  • Eight Travel Tips to Make Your Boys Trip Awesome

    Summer is here, and I am sure you are dreaming about planning an awesome boys trip, heading off to somewhere fun and unique to blow off some steam and have fun with the guys. Whatever your travel plans are this summer, it's important to ensure you have your stuff in order. Otherwise, what should be a once-in-a-lifetime trip could quickly turn into something memorable for lesser reasons. Shaving is a lot like traveling if you think about it, while anyone can do either, when you do it right it's great experience. However, if you have the wrong tools or bad technique, it is no fun!

  • Building a Strong Case - What to Do When Charged With Assault

    Assault charges can significantly impact an individual's life. They can have severe consequences, even when they do not end in conviction. The mere accusation can strain your relationships, cause financial strain, and harm your reputation. If you are convicted, the consequences are more severe and can range from fines and probation to community service and even jail time.

  • Office Party Holiday Celebrations To Bring Joy To The Workplace All Year Round

    The holiday season brings joy, camaraderie, and festivity, making it the perfect time for office holiday parties. These events are not just about celebrating the end of the year but also about building relationships, appreciating employees' hard work, and setting a positive tone for the upcoming year. However, organizing a successful office holiday party requires careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ensure your office holiday party is memorable, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Things You Don't Think About When It Comes To Owning A Diesel Truck

    On the surface, manufacturers like to present diesel engines as just another alternative to petroleum gas-powered internal combustion engines. Sure, they typically have more torque and other differences but when it comes to owning one, there are a surprising number of new parts and processes that you'll need to learn to keep it running efficiently. This shouldn't dissuade you from buying a diesel if that, in fact, is the best choice for what you need .. but don't do it blindly!

  • Calisthenics Can Get You Into Shape Without Buying Expensive Equipment

    If you have been wanting to get into shape, but you don’t necessarily want to deep dive into the fitness culture, then you are in luck my friend. Calisthenics doesn’t require you to ever leave your house. You can workout at home and pretty much anywhere really. Why? Calisthenics uses your own bodyweight, as the resistance or weight you might call it. The exercises are extremely catered for beginners but they can easily be progressed to an advanced stage. Calisthenics are often the beginning workout regimen that many people in sports will do, because it offers a good estimation to coaches on an athlete’s pound for pound strength. So how could it help you? Stick around if you care to find out.

  • Yes - You Can Go Glamping With Your Own Gear Starts With An Outfitter Tent

    There's a classic romance associated with sleeping under the stars with only a thin layer of fabric offering you a bit of privacy and protection from the environement that surrounds you. Frankly, though, after a certain age - for many of us, the practical realities of camping begin to exceed the call of the wild, as it were. That's one reason why we've become supporters of glamping and cottage rentals as an alternative. However, there's a middle ground for avid sportsmen who still want that back-to-nature feeling and the freedom to set up wherever they want to go. An Outfitter Tent is exactly what it sounds like - it's the type of tent that a professional outfitter might set up for you on a safari trip to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment, especially when you'll be in the same spot for more than a couple days.

  • How Remote Collars Strengthen the Bond Between Dogs and Owners

    Remote training collars remain controversial tools in some circles, allowing owners to reinforce behaviors in dogs through prompting stimulation from a distance. Advocates emphasize enhancing control and engagement with pups happily frolicking minus dangerous disobedience. Critics focus on misuse risks from overly relying on negative reinforcement. However, they can be an invaluable tool when both operator and canine are trained to use them properly.

  • Classic Trendless Fashion Elements Every Guy Needs To Have In His Closet

    Are you tired of feeling like you're always a step behind when it comes to fashion trends? Do you wish you could effortlessly elevate your style without constantly chasing the latest fads? Well, you're in luck! In this article, we're going to introduce you to some timeless wardrobe staples that can keep you looking stylish and on-point, no matter the season. From classic denim to versatile white sneakers, these fashion essentials will help you build a wardrobe that stands the test of time.

  • Sensibo Air PRO: The Tech That Should Be Built Into Every Air Conditioner

    A few months ago I was really excited... our contractor was putting the finishing touches on our new heat pump unit. We'd selected an advanced model with some pretty cool energy savings features that drew inspiration from the mini-split systems that were common in wall-mounted systems but weren't quite standard yet for systems like ours that were built in. I held my Google Nest thermostat in hand and was excited to have that installed to complete our smart home network. Until the installer shared with me that while Google's tech was great, it was never really designed to offer the full set of features found on our new unit. On the other hand, Sensibo Air PRO was exactly what we needed.

  • What To Do If You're Arrested in Another State

    Facing arrest is undoubtedly a stressful experience. Maybe there's a big misunderstanding or you had too much fun at a recent guys' night out. Whatever the reason, the situation can become even more challenging to navigate when you're arrested out of state. Understanding the crucial steps in such a scenario is essential to protect your rights, minimize legal consequences, and ensure a smoother process. In this comprehensive guide, we explore what to do if you are arrested in an unfamiliar jurisdiction.

  • Understanding Florida Law And Your Personal Injury Claim

    Being injured in an accident can place your life on hold as suddenly, you’re recuperating from injuries and possibly staring at the damaged property to deal with. You hope receiving compensation for your pain and suffering is a relatively easy process, after all, it’s a primary reason for paying your monthly insurance premiums on time. While I am not a lawyer - I can speak to this very real situation based on an accident that I had while visiting Florida just before the pandemic.

  • Skills That Men Can Learn By Playing Card Games That Will Help Them Be Better Business Leaders

    In the age of horse-drawn carriages, card games were not just a pastime but a masterclass in strategy and human psychology. You'd be surprised to discover how the skills honed within the four corners of a card table can shape you into a formidable leader in the business world. Poker can enhance your strategic thinking, while blackjack could help you become adept at reading people. Games like Bridge require sharp decision-making, and the inherent risk in any card game can shape your knack for risk assessment. Patience and persistence, too, are virtues cultivated at the card table that prove invaluable in business. Interested? Let's explore further.