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  • How To Plan A Perfect Fishing Getaway With Your Buddies

    What is better than opening a can of a delicious beer and gazing at a splendid river in front of you while you fish? Not many things, honestly. If you are a fishing enthusiast and you want to plan a trip for you and your best buddies, then a fishing adventure may be the best option.

  • Ways That Men Can Make More Money As A Bartender

    Everyone has a favorite bartender - and once you connect with them, the loyal bond is almost unbreakable. Plus, you probably tip more, try new and potentially more expensive drinks as well as sample spirits that you might not have tried without having a hearty recommendation by a trusted source. Now, imagine you're a bartender. You're good at pouring drinks and chit chatting with the customers but you just aren't seeing the money your buddy bragged about getting "on a good night". Well, good news, you've come to the right place. We've done the "research" and talked with a bunch of our favorite bartenders, now we can help you up your game, understand your customers, and get some of that crazy tip money that you're craving.

  • Upgrades and Optimizations To Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

    When it comes to adding mods to your car, the conversation is usually centered around adding power, adding lift so you can overcome obstacles, or adding something like a roof-rack so you can haul more stuff. However, right now I'm facing a challenge - I want to buy a new car so that I can make my vehicle more environmentally friendly but quite frankly - with high interest rates and high sticker prices, it's easier to look at ways to make my existing vehicle better for the environment than doing a full upgrade. 

  • Bamboo Toilet Paper, Bidets and More Ways That Men Can Make Pooping More Eco Friendly

    When we look at the topic of conservation and preserving the clean air and water that we enjoy for our recreational activities, the conversation normally turns to lightbulbs and EV cars. However, like so much else in live, there are so many other big as well as small ways to make an impact. In fact, this topic was proposed to me by a PR person after joking around about a product that she was repping but it makes sense... we generate a lot of waste every time we use the toilet and let's face it, we all poop. 

  • Masculine Skills Men Can Hone By Doing Home Improvement Projects

    While the world is becoming more progressive, gender roles are becoming more fuzzy. There’s nothing wrong with this, but societal norms and expectations are changing to where it’s becoming more challenging to know and understand basic skills that people would know generations ago. 

  • Hassle-Free Solutions for Storing Your Luggage Before Or After Your Hotel Stay

    Sometimes it is easy - you grab your bags, hop into a taxi and check into your hotel room in a new fabulous city that you've been dying to explore. Other So, let's lighten your load and make your travels a breeze!

  • Dad and Lad Projects To Help Build Masculine Bonds Between The Boys

    Dad and lad bonding is as old as time itself and can forge long-lasting relationships that can help your son with socialization and help you become a proud father. There are many things you can both do together, but from crafting to grilling, here are some of the most popular these days.

  • Dry Pouring: A Risky Bet for Complex Concrete Projects

    In the realm of construction, understanding concrete pouring methods is vital. There is a trend on social media right now to show how easy it is to dry pour concrete projects instead of investing in machinery (or even rentals) that are designed to properly blend water with the concrete powder before pouring it in the forms. For some folks dry pouring works as an alternative to wet pouring... but the reality is if you really care about how well your project with turn out and you aren't already an experienced mason or concrete finisher then you should probably leave it to the trained professionals.

  • Tips To Help Busy Dads Make More Time For Their Sons

    If you are a father keen to spend more time with your son, that is a situation that many people find themselves in - and one which you are going to want to get right. The truth is that what you want most of all is for that time to be quality time, rather than just spending lots of time together in any old way. So the question is, how can you make sure that you are doing this? As it happens, it might be easier than you think.

    It helps, to begin with, just to have a few ideas in mind for great ways to spend quality time with your son. And in this post, we are going to take you through a few such ideas that you may wish to consider. All of the following are going to be hugely important things to consider if you want to spend more quality time with your son.

  • Do You Really Need A Lawyer If You're In A Car Accident?

    You've been in a car accident and you're shaken up. You're wondering, 'Do I really need a lawyer?'... you mom says yes, your best friend says no, and your sister's boyfriend who is law school says you should always seek legal advice from a professional not not just ask random people. So which is it? How can a lawyer help anyhow and do you even need one? Let's take a look...

  • Golfers Looking For Something New Need To Check These Golf Courses Out

    Are you tired of playing the same old courses? Does it sometimes feel like you can play the hole with a blindfold on since you know exactly where that bunker is and how to swing just right to avoid that oak tree on the 4th hole? Don't worry - we've got some awesome golf courses from around the world that we know will stimulate your imagination to try something new!

  • Now On Kickstarter: The Klydoclock Changes How We Look at Time

    Klydo, a visionary tech startup, has released the fun and revolutionary Klydoclock, a groundbreaking amalgamation of digital animation and timekeeping that is reshaping the way we perceive both the fourth dimension and our personal spaces. With a resounding launch on Kickstarter, the Klydoclock surged to prominence, raising more than $200,000 within a mere 20 minutes, a testament to its innovative fusion of technology and artistic expression.

  • The INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Air Quality Monitor Is Helping Me Breathe Easier

    Indoor air quality isn’t something we usually think about but this year I’ve been living in my father-in-law’s house and working to get it healthier for his ultimate return from spending several months in the hospital due to pneumonia and associated breathing issues from COPD. Unfortunately his house is older and windows have been painted shut over the years. While we can install air filters to remove particulate matter, one challenge we had was simply understanding the actual air quality in his house - and specifically CO₂, that we were facing. With the INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, we’ve been able to discover some surprising things about the house that we didn’t expect.

  • Water Wise Gardening: Creating a Stunning Oasis While Conserving Water

    Life as we know it would not be possible without enough water to go around. The first time I saw a water wise garden was in Tucson, Arizona during a garden walk. I was simply amazed at how innovative these gardeners were to create such incredibly vibrant gardens in what would otherwise be desert wasteland. While most of us don’t live in a climate like this, even in the Midwest and other parts of the country where there is regular rainfall, water conservation is an important topic that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • WAMA Hemp Underwear Are Some Of The Most Comfortable Boxer Shorts I've Ever Tried

    While I respect and support the notion of sustainability and fair trade practices, I'm a firm believer that those factors need to come secondary to quality and value. As such, I haven't really been a big proponent of alternative fibers since in years past, cotton reined supreme. Things are starting to change now and I'm supremely impressed by the quality and value that WAMA offers in their ethically manufactured hemp underwear.

  • American vs. British Car Culture: A Comparative Journey Of A Shared Passion

    The automotive world is rich and diverse, with different countries having their own unique car cultures. Two such nations with distinct automotive traditions are the United States and the United Kingdom. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between American and British car culture and highlight some aspects that might surprise American car enthusiasts about the British car industry.

  • Decoding Personal Injury Compensation: Analyzing the Factors That Influence Settlements

    Navigating personal injury claims involves two main avenues: court litigation or early settlements through negotiations. Understanding the factors influencing personal injury settlements is crucial to finding success in defending yourself or in being compensated in a fair and equitable way based on your injuries. Let's delve into these key elements to help you achieve the best outcome for your case.

  • Skills You Can Learn from Playing Casino Games

    Valuable life skills can often be found in unexpected places. Casino games are one such example of this, and this is immediately going to divide people into a couple of groups – namely, those who have and haven’t tried these experiences before. If you have, you might be intrigued but potentially unsure of how your learning in this space can be extrapolated to a real-world situation.

  • Glamping In The Great Smoky Mountains Should Be Your Next Guys Trip

    I think most guys have thought about taking a trip to the Smokies at some point - whether it is that epic motorcycle trip or chasing rainbow trout, this is a destination that guys are instinctively drawn to. While there are a wide variety of accommodations that you can stay at in the area - from luxury hotels to rustic camping spots - our pick would be to find a glamping spot where you can have modern amenities but enjoy the back to nature experience too.

    Imagine you're nestled in the heart of the majestic Smoky Mountains, swapping stories around a roaring fire.  Picture luxurious yurts, hearty meals, and a cold regional beer in hand. It's not just camping, it's glamping, and it's about to become your favorite way to bond with the boys.

  • Why Men Should Pick A Dominican Republic All-Inclusive Resort For A Caribbean Guys Trip

    Are you and your group of guys searching for the perfect destination for a guys trip? The Dominican Republic, home to world-class all-inclusive resorts, may be your answer. These destinations offer stress-free vacations, where accommodation, food and activities are included in one affordable price! Read on as we reveal why an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic is an exciting choice for your next Caribbean getaway.