roof repair

Whether you own your home or rent it, you must always take care of it. As you can appreciate, a well-maintained home is one where you won't have to spend lots of money fixing expensive problems that you could have avoided with preventative maintenance.

Sadly, many householders forget or avoid carrying out specific household maintenance tasks. You may be reading this today because you want to avoid expensive repair bills but are unsure of the priority maintenance tasks you must complete.

Take a look at the following six examples for some inspiration:

Gutter Cleaning

Clear gutters ensure that rainwater gets sufficiently drained from your roof. A blockage can lead to water damage, foundation issues, and even pest infestations, so cleaning your gutters regularly is crucial.

Another advantage of regular gutter cleaning is that you avoid creating safety hazards like slippery paths and mold growth due to pooling groundwater.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that dryer vent cleaning is another often-neglected household maintenance task? It might not seem like a priority job, but a continually-blocked dryer vent can reduce dryer efficiency and even increase the risk of fires!

Cleaning your dryer vents at least once a year means you can extend your dryer's lifespan and reduce your electricity bills.

Smoke Detector Testing

Your family's safety will always be a priority in your home, and one way to minimize any risk to their lives is through regular smoke detector testing. Smoke detectors help to save lives by alerting your family during a potential fire outbreak, enabling them to evacuate your home immediately.

Test your smoke detectors twice yearly and replace the batteries in each one to ensure maximum protection.

HVAC System Checks

HVAC systems provide comfortable indoor temperatures for all householders. However, many people don't have regular maintenance checks on their HVAC systems, resulting in expensive repair bills.

Regular maintenance checks on HVAC systems will also ensure that the air circulating inside the home won't contain pollutants or allergens that could cause or exacerbate health problems.

Roof Inspections

Your roof is an essential aspect of your house. Without it, rain, snow, and anything else will enter your home and ruin it. While roofs get built to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are subject to wear and can become damaged over time.

Make sure you inspect your roof annually and get any damage repaired before needing expensive repairs or even a complete roof replacement!

Chimney Cleaning

Last but not least, if your house has one or more chimneys and you use your fireplaces during the colder months of the year, you must get them cleaned annually.

Creosote accumulates inside your chimneys due to the incomplete combustion of oils in the wood. What you need to know about creosote is that it's flammable and can significantly increase the risk of fires occurring throughout your chimneys.

Hire a professional chimney sweep to clean your chimneys every year and help you keep your home safe.