tips on how to save money when parking

Parking can be an expensive business, and costs will mount up if you regularly have to pay to leave your car in busy areas during peak periods.

Thankfully there are lots of tactics to put into practice which could net you significant savings if you are travelling on a budget, so here are just a few of the best money-saving options to try out yourself.

Factor In Extra Time To Avoid Mistakes

Perhaps the most important tip for anyone who is intending to park in a busy city is that you should give yourself leeway in your journey to allow for the amount of time it will take to find somewhere to park.

This is especially essential if you have not or cannot plan somewhere to park in advance for whatever reason. Allowing around 30 minutes extra will mean that you do not have to stress over whether a spot will be available, and will mean that you are not forced into accepting the most expensive option simply because it is right in front of you and you are running late.

Use Long-Stay Parking For Airports

Booking long-stay parking in advance when you are flying from a major airport is by far the most affordable way to go about it.

For example, Nashville airport parking can be arranged with long-stay providers weeks or even months before you are taking your trip, and by booking well ahead of time you will be avoiding the higher fees associated with last-minute bookings.

Don’t Neglect Your Driving Skills

Sometimes in order to get access to the most affordable parking, you will need to opt for street-level spots, rather than visiting dedicated parking lots or indoor garages.

The downside of this is that you can only take advantage of these types of spaces if you are confident in your parallel parking capabilities.

This is probably something you learned while getting your driving lessons back in the day, but unless you keep the skill sharp, it is easy to forget, and you might not want to parallel park if you are put under pressure.

Follow expert guidance and get plenty of practice ahead of time, and parallel parking will no longer be the daunting prospect it once was, and it could even save you cash.

Share A Ride With Friends

The more people who are sharing a ride, the cheaper parking will be, since you can split the costs between you rather than having to bear the brunt by yourself.

If at all possible, it is therefore sensible to get a lift with another person, particularly if your destination is a town or city where parking costs are high and free spaces are limited.

Don’t Ignore Signage Or Overlook Parking Regulations

Parking can become significantly more expensive if you fail to heed the rules and regulations of the city or the facility you leave your car within, and you end up with a ticket or some other penalty fee to pay as a result.

The answer is to not only be on the lookout for any signage nearby which will let you know whether or not you are allowed to park in your current position, but also to read up on the local regulations which apply in the area you are visiting, as not all places share the same stipulations and you could get caught out unnecessarily.

Of course you could save yourself even more hassle if you simply take public transport to reach your destination rather than driving, so always keep this in your back pocket if you want to steer clear of the stress of finding parking.