interview with Judd Lormand of CBS's SEAL Team

It's hard to imagine a more hard core job than being a US Navy SEAL. These are the guys we call on to do the impossible and if they do it right, we'll never even know what they did. SEAL Team, staring Judd Lormand and a cast of other bad-ass dudes (and ladies) is one of the hottest shows on CBS TV right now. The show follows the team as they train, fight, and execute high-stakes covert missions around the world. 

Judd Lormand has appeared in more than 70 feature films and television shows. With season two of SEAL Team (Wednesdays 9/8c), Judd is now a series regular, playing Lieutenant Commander 'Eric Blackburn', the troop commander who coordinates operations whenever Bravo team is on a mission. He serves as the team's leader - both on and off the battlefield.

You've traveled all over the world, what are some of your favorite places to visit?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel internationally throughout various times in my life- going back to my childhood when I lived overseas- and I’ve truly loved all the places I’ve visited abroad. 

If I had to narrow it down to one favorite region of the world, I’d have to say South America. About ten years ago I got the chance to explore the continent for 100 days. I hit Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Easter Island, Peru, and Argentina... I loved how unique each country was from the previous. I think my two favorite places were Ecuador and Peru. Wonderful people. Breathtaking scenery. Affordable. Those two countries are on the top of my “places to REvisit” list.

If you were planning an epic mancation adventure, where would you be headed and who's coming with you?

I’ve always dreamed of hiking the Himalayas- visiting Tibet, Kathmandu, etc along the way. I’ve always been fascinated by that entire region but still haven’t made it over there...yet!

As for who’s coming with me? My wife would be my first choice. 

If she couldn’t make it, or if The Official Mancation Rulebook disqualifies her from coming along, I would probably go solo. I traveled on my own when I went to South America and looking back on it, I feel like it was the epitome of an epic mancation because you get to completely submerge yourself in the culture of the region. Just you and the locals. 

In preparing for your role on SEAL Team, what were some of the things you had to do to get in the right physical shape?

When we started season one, I wasn’t in bad shape, but I definitely didn’t feel SEAL-worthy. Early into the season I visited a Nutritionist in Santa Monica named Kevin Libby, I told him my goal was to get into the best shape of my life, and that I wasn’t trying to make this an overnight thing. I wanted to make a total lifestyle change. I told him I would stay committed no matter how long it takes. Kevin put me on a great diet plan and workout regimen that I still try to adhere to nowadays, even over a year later. It’s an ongoing mission of mine, but in the last year I’ve been able to add muscle mass and dropped my body fat percentage by a very significant amount. 

Even now, I still try to follow the diet and I try get in 3 days of weights and 2 to 3 days of cardio every week. Travel and shooting schedules make it extremely tough but I’ve tried to make it a priority. 

How about mentally?

It’s funny because I think, as many actors would also tell you, there’s a very symbiotic relationship with the actor and the character. I’ve found that since I’ve started portraying Lt. Commander Blackburn, ‘Judd’ has been making a conscious effort not getting stressed out over daily obstacles and remain level headed, thinking through each decision carefully and methodically- just as Blackburn would. 

In turn, because ‘Judd’ is doing more of that mental work on a day-to-day basis to emulate the character, the character then benefits because I’m able to naturally connect a piece of me to Blackburn that I initially couldn’t when I began working on SEAL Team. 

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What do you like most about being part of this show?

Besides the incredible people I get to work with every day, I’d have to say my favorite aspect is the positive response we’ve gotten from the members of the military community. These guys are real-life superheroes and we are trying our hardest to do right by them, so when someone who is serving (or has served) for our country comes up and lets us know they appreciate what we’re doing and the authenticity of how we’re doing it, that’s THE greatest feeling in the world. 

When you aren't working, what do you enjoy doing?

Obviously first on the list is family. Anytime I get a few consecutive days off from shooting I’ll jump on a flight to go visit my wife and children. Other than that, lately I’ve really enjoyed working with various Veterans groups. When I can’t do either of those, I’m always up for a good hike!