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marriage record search

Weddings generate a lot of stories that get passed down through generations. You may have grown up hearing the tale of your great uncle's shenanigans at the altar, and it has become a part of the family lore. The wedding itself, however, is not proof that a union is legally binding. For such proof, you need a marriage record.

A marriage records search is a convenient way to access information to assist you with various projects or processes. Here are just three of the many reasons it may come in handy.

1. Genealogy Research

If you are delving into your family's past to create a picture of where you come from, having marriage records can help connect some of the dots. As you are filling out your family tree, you can catalog the pairs that form it and back it up with the data you get from your search. Having the official record can give credence to the family stories and make it easier to build from there.

If you have been collecting data about your ancestry for a while, you are probably familiar with the local library's genealogy resources. The beauty of an online search, however, is that you can have all the records at your home, ready to organize into your personal system. You can compile your notes in your home office, meaning that you are never bound by the hours that the library is open.

2. Significant Other Information

When you are dating new people, you probably have a pretty good intuition as to whether they are being honest. You may talk about likes and dislikes and find out that you enjoy a lot of the same hobbies. You can gauge the possibility of a future with this person based on many factors, including things as basic as how happy he or she makes you or whether or not this person would make a good co-parent.

Before deciding that this is the right person for you, however, you may want to consider checking into his or her relationship background. Marriage records are a matter of public record. A quick search can help you confirm how honest your potential significant other has been.

3. Name Changes

Many people choose to change their name when they get married. If having one family name is important to you, you must make it official on all your important documentation. Your name change must also be legal for you to be able to use it when signing contracts or any legally binding document.

All forms of government identification, including passports, drivers licenses and state IDs, require proof of marriage to issue you a new card under your new name. Of course, you can obtain a copy of your marriage records from the office that issued the license. An online records search can save you an extra errand, though, which may be helpful in your quest to get your name changed on all your official documentation.

Obtaining marriage records can be an easy process. As long as you have basic information, such as both parties' names, you should be able to find out when they were married with relatively little effort.