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Top 5 Tips for Staying Fit During Lockdown

Tips for Staying Fit During Lockdown

While lockdown restrictions might be easing, many places across the country remain in a state of quarantine. Even if you live somewhere where you’re able to go to the gym, you may not feel comfortable returning if your state has seen a recent jump in COVID-19 cases. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of time freed up by the lack of a commute or trying to find a way to stay fit while not returning to the gym, here are the top 5 tips for staying fit during lockdown.

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

If you’ve been working from home, you likely haven’t had the opportunity to go out besides perhaps some brief errands and grocery runs. While bars, movie theatres, and gyms are either closed or at low capacity, that doesn’t mean that you should stay at home 24/7. Take advantage of the outdoors - including the less busy roads - to introduce walking, jogging, running, or cycling into your workout routine. Cardio activities are great for your heart health and help with stamina and general strength.

Try Bodyweight or Light Weight Workouts

While full weight machines may be out of your reach at this time, bodyweight and lightweight workouts can maintain your muscle tone when performed correctly. Though not ideal, bodyweight and lightweight workouts are a good option if you are unable to go to a gym because of lockdown measures or a preexisting condition. There are also a huge number of guides to simple bodyweight and lightweight workouts online, so this can be one of the easiest tips to start out with.

Try a Fitness Challenge

If you’re having trouble maintaining your motivation for working out during quarantine, consider trying a fitness challenge. Many websites, apps, gyms, and internet personalities are putting out their own monthly quarantine fitness challenges, and these challenges can be a great way to maintain motivation and share in a community experience that you may be missing during lockdown. There are a variety of challenges as well, such as cardio, weightlifting, or yoga challenges, that will keep you entertained and on track for your fitness goals.

Virtual Exercise Classes

While COVID-19 has made conventional exercise classes unsafe to host at your local gym, there are a wide variety of virtual exercise classes that you may want to take advantage of. There are a wide variety of virtual exercise classes available, from yoga to calisthenics to various types of martial arts. In addition, virtual exercise classes are often at a low or no price compared to their in-person counterparts, which means that you will be able to try something that you were not willing to commit to financially before lockdown more easily.

Active-Play Video Games And VR Workouts

The most famous of active-play video games belong to the Wii console, with Wii Sports and the Just Dance series making a huge splash about a decade ago. But there are actually a wide variety of active-play video games for a wide variety of consoles, and adding active-play video games to your routine is a great way to increase your motivation to work out while in quarantine. If you have a VR headset such as one of the Oculus devices, you will have even more of an advantage, with many games like Beatsaber incorporating a full-body workout into your time playing video games.

Quarantine has put a hitch in everyone’s workout routines, but you don’t have to resign yourself to life as a perpetual couch potato. With these top 5 tips for staying fit during quarantine, you’ll be able to keep fit and have fun while doing so.

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