Tips for Picking the Perfect Car Name

Cars are deeply personal objects and for most of us they are the most expensive thing we will ever purchase aside from a home. So, it's not unusual that you'd feel compelled to name him (or her) something so that this personal relationship can reach it's full potential as a truly personal part of your life. Whether you call that yellow Pinto rusting in your garage "Old Yeller" or that faithful minivan the "bro wagon" because it serves as a taxi to haul your buddies to the game or on offroad adventures every weekend, it almost doesn't matter. The point though is making sure that it's something that makes sense to you and fits your lifestyle. So, to help make sure you pick the perfect name, here's some quick tips for naming your car.

The good news is that Mobil 1™ is helping to make this process easier with their Nam-u-lator, where they will be able to suggest a name for your car based on a series of questions and you can even get a customized license plate holder like we did. For the rest of you guys though, here's some advice to help pick your perfect car name.

bmw blue

Take a Moment To Find the Perfect Name for Your Car

Sometimes things will just come to you and other times it takes time. There's no reason why you need to pick a name for your car immediately, so just take a moment to relax and enjoy the fun (or frustration) that your car might be causing you. Sometimes it will just come to you in the oddest moments. Other times it will be immediately clear what to name your car.

Keep It Personal

Remember, whatever you name your car - it's got to be personal. Think of something that you can relate to and can use in a sentence the same way you would about your dog or brother.

tiny car

Make It Legendary

This can be serious or ironic but legendary names make for great car names too. For instance your Geo Tracker might be named Conan or your Suburban might be named Tiny Tim.

Tell a Wicked Tale

Did you have a challenge purchasing the car, do something crazy to save up enough money to afford it, or maybe something else memorable during the shopping process? These are all good fodder to ultimately name your car.

jeep mud

Consider What You'll Be Doing With The Car

Is this car just for going back and forth to the office or is it meant to plow piles of snow or conquer trails in the desert. This "purpose" can be perfect fodder for your car's new name as well. For instance, your new Rubicon might be named Caesar.

Don't Forget to Have a Good Sense of Humor

 At the end of the day, it's all about fun. Sure, there's nothing wrong with simply naming your car "Steve" but that's sorta boring, so think about something fun that years from now will make you smile as you look at photos of it.

 Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help!

Whether it's reaching out to your buddies and asking for their input or checking out something like the new, there's nothing wrong with seeking outside advice!