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tips to optimize your grooming routine including keep things simple and organized

More often than not, people bring up time as an issue that prevents proper grooming habits, particularly for working persons. It is very common to hear people on different grooming forums inquire about how they can make their grooming sessions quicker.

The goal is to look good in the shortest time possible, several tricks could do all the magic. Pros have been doing this for a long time, which is why you may find it overwhelming to keep up with some grooming techniques. Fortunately for you, this article converges some of the most effective and reasonable tricks that could save you a lot of time during grooming sessions.

Establish a Grooming Routine

People have different grooming needs. For example, while a man may be concern about keeping his mane in check twice every week, some are bald and do not require those frequent haircuts. Ideally, you must identify which grooming techniques are core to your overall look.

How do you like to begin your grooming process? Do you prefer shaving after or before a shower? Do you require to trim your nails daily? Do you wash your face before a shave or after a shave? All these may seem like simple things, but they take a lot of time to decide. Identify what you like to do first, then establish a routine that you can stick by every day.

Organize Your Product Shelves

As a busy person, there is literally no time to waste trying to look for a product of a grooming tool. At all times, ensure that your shelves are organized. You can determine a categorization method for your products and tools separately, depending on the order of your routine. For example, if shaving your beard is the first activity of your grooming session, then your shaving cream and Merkur razor should be close by on the shelf.

You can even challenge yourself to an organization challenge every day, trying to keep your shelf organized for the week.

Go for Quality Grooming Products That You Love

In the smallest of ways, the type of products you choose to use can make a huge difference in the amount of time you spend when grooming. Technically, quality products take less time to apply and use for the best results, than do less quality products for the same results.

Take an instance of applying gel on your mane. A good quality gel will lay your hair is just one smear, but not so much for a bad quality type of gel. You will need a lot more quantity, not to mention, a lot more precision and keenness in the application process. You may also need to take a lot more time as you wait for the gel to sit in before styling.

Ultimately though time is relative and if the brand, smell, feel makes you feel good then that makes a huge difference. For instance, we love our friends at Lucky Tiger because of the fun attitude their products have.

Start with the Labor Intensive Grooming Processes

We all know that brushing your teeth, for instance, takes at most 2 minutes. This is not so much the case for trimming your beard or tweezing the eyebrows. In essence, some of the grooming tasks require a lot more time to do than others. In that case, if you determine to wash your hair, let it dry, and then style it, you will need to give it the priority in your grooming habits.

Invest in Good Grooming Tools

The grooming tasks require reinforcement from tools, ranging from hair brushes and hair dryers to electric shaving machines and high-velocity dryers. The key is to use the right tools for the right choice. Also, make sure the grooming tools you purchase are time-saving, to save you the hassle of having to groom yourself manually. I know that personally I love my Oral-B electric toothbrush and it saves me tons of time when I travel because it includes it's own case, has multiple travel modes and a clip to store extra brush heads.  

Keep your Grooming Tools in Good Condition

Have you heard of skipping the shaving process because your blade was too blunt and it kept pulling on your hairs instead of cutting them? Well, that is a perfect example of how much grooming tools can waste your time. Instead of letting your tools deteriorate in condition, determine to check them out regularly, and replace what needs to be replaced. Ensure that all your blades are sharp, to avoid unsolicited jams that require oiling and too many adjustments.

Who would have thought that grooming can be done in such speedy ways? Well, now you know that you don’t have to use time as an excuse for grooming up.