Camping - Father and Son Weekend Getaways

It's always a little sad to see summer come to an end. But just because summer is over and the kids are back in school does not mean you can't still have great weekend vacations and quality family time. Father and Son trips are something that you can do all year round. Think outside the box and take your child some place memorable. Here are six ideas for educational weekend getaways that your children will be sure to talk about for weeks to come.

This is especially important when you combine active adventures with opportunities to learn new skills and create bonds between parent and child. I was fortunate that my parents exposed me to a wide variety of opportunities, but not everyone has that. So, here are some of my favorite opportunities that would make for a great Father and Son Weekend Getaway or even a quick day trip.

Go Camping And Share Some Life Skills Lessons

Camping has always been a great opportunity for men to bond - regardless of age. Today though, this is typically one of the few opportunities that you might have to escape from the pressures of daily life and distractions provided by mobile phones and social media. So pack up the car and head out into the woods. Even though it is going to be a bit cooler now that summer is over, that just means you'll need to use your sleeping bag more and build the fire higher!

vermilionville lafayette cajun historic village

Visit a Living History Museum

Living history museums are better than traditional museums because they immerse you in a specific time period. You're able to see people dressed in period clothing, doing activities that people from that time period would have done. You're able to ask them questions and interact as though you were living right along side them. It's great for kids who sometimes have difficulty understanding a culture by simply looking at a museum exhibit and reading the placards. Living history museums are a great place to talk about the evolution of science and technology and explain to your children how society advances as a whole over time.

While there are loads of different types of living history museums, my favorite types for a father and son getaway would be train museums where you can actually ride steam trains as well as walk around other rolling stock. Forts with weapon and fighting style demonstrations would be a close second!

father son photo safari

Do a Photo Safari at an Arboretum or Botanical Garden

Photo safaris are a great way to create memories with your child. Find a local arboretum or botanical garden and bring a camera for both you and your child. Then simply take pictures! Try to sneak in a few pictures of you and your child together. After your trip, look at the pictures together. It's a great way to create a memorable experience for your child, and you’ll have plenty of pictures to document the trip.

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Explore a New Culture by Dining at an Ethnic Restaurant

I'm not talking about Mexican fast food, go somewhere truly ethnic for your child so he or she can experience a new culture. Find a local Moroccan restaurant and eat dinner while sitting on the floor, or break out the chop sticks and attempt to eat your Asian dinner as the locals would. Talk about the different cultures as you encourage your child to try different foods.

antietam battlefield

Visit a Historic Battlefield

If you live in a historic area of the country, visit a historic battlefield with your child. Talk about the importance of strategy and planning, as well as the sacrifice that goes into preserving a nation's freedom. Visiting a battlefield is far superior to learning about it in a text book. Your child will be able to really internalize the event, while at the same time making memories with you.

searching the stars star fields

Go Somewhere Dark and Look at the Stars

If you live anywhere near a city, you know that the bright city lights minimize the look of the moon and the stars. Travel just outside city limits, and bring camping chairs or blankets. The site Dark Site Finder has a great map that will help show you where to find a good spot. While far out west or high in the Rocky Mountains may be the darkest spots you can find - even a father and son trip to Iowa (photo above) or the Smoky Mountains can yield some great results closer to home.

Enjoy the stars with your child and teach them about constellations and the planets. While there are some truly amazingly dark parts of the country, even an area sheltered from the light pollution of a major city will open your eyes with wonder at the vastness of our universe.

If you aren't able to go somewhere dark, consider visiting a science museum where they have a planetarium or observatory. 

photo father and son exploring a civil war fort

Father & Son Vacation Activities To Make Any Trip Educational

Vacations provide an excellent opportunity for parents to engage their children in educational activities that go beyond the confines of a classroom. Here are some educational activities a father can do with his son to help him learn about history, math, and science while on vacation:

  1. Math in the Real World: Incorporate math into daily activities during the vacation. For example, while visiting a grocery store or a local market, involve your son in budgeting and calculating expenses. You can also play math-related games during car rides or meals, such as mental math challenges or Sudoku puzzles.
  2. Nature Walks and Outdoor Exploration: Take nature walks in parks, gardens, or forests and encourage your son to observe and identify plants, animals, and geological formations. Discuss scientific concepts like ecosystems, biodiversity, and geological processes as you explore together.
  3. Historical Fiction and Biographies: Select age-appropriate historical fiction books or biographies for your son to read during the vacation. Discuss the stories and characters, helping him understand the historical context and the impact of events or individuals on history.
  4. Experiments and Hands-on Science: Conduct simple science experiments that can be done with readily available materials. For example, you can demonstrate chemical reactions, build simple circuits, or explore the principles of gravity and motion. Encourage your son to ask questions and make predictions.
  5. Virtual Resources: Utilize online educational resources, such as educational websites, virtual tours of museums or historical sites, and educational videos. There are plenty of interactive tools and educational content available online that can supplement your vacation learning experience.
  6. Historical Documentaries and Movies: Watch age-appropriate historical documentaries or movies together. Afterward, have discussions about the events, characters, and historical accuracy portrayed in the film. This can help your son gain a deeper understanding of history while enjoying some screen time.

Remember to adapt these activities to your son's age and interests. By combining fun and educational experiences during your vacation, you can create lasting memories while fostering your son's love for history, math, and science.

While summer is often seen as the time for family vacations, don't let this be the only time of year that you and your son spend together. Find something fun and creative to do with your children and make memories to last a lifetime.