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James at Swan Creek Park in Toledo, Spring Walking

Just as the frost begins to retreat, revealing the fresh green of spring, I find myself yearning to shake off my winter lethargy. It's the perfect time to reinvigorate our fitness routine, don't you think? Let's explore some effective spring fitness tips to get back in shape. From investing in the right footwear, setting achievable goals, to tracking our progress - there's much we can do to ensure we're ready for summer. But, where should we start? What's the best strategy to follow? Stick around; I promise you'll find the answers intriguing.

Don't Say, "I'll Start Tomorrow!"

Don't put off your fitness regimen until tomorrow; start today, because there's no time like the present to jumpstart your new fitness journey. Overcoming procrastination is tough, I get it. We're in this together. We can wave goodbye to those lazy habits if we're armed with the right motivational techniques.

Firstly, we should identify our weaknesses. Are we merely lacking discipline or is there a deeper issue? Once we've established that, we can work on instilling discipline within ourselves. It's not easy, it's a battle of the mind. But remember, mental resilience building is also part of this journey. Keep pushing, keep striving, and don't forget to celebrate even the smallest victories. After all, every step forward is a step towards a healthier you.

Invest In The Correct Footwear

Possibly one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any fitness program is proper footwear. I never really thought about it until the past couple years and especially the past few months while working with Orthofeet but having the right shoes is about more than just comfort.

Men's Health Benefits Of Having Good Shoes

Health Aspect

Benefits of Proper Footwear


Joint Health

Reduces Impact & Supports Alignment

Quality footwear absorbs shock and reduces stress on the knees, hips, and back, promoting better joint health and preventing injuries.


Promotes Correct Posture

Supportive shoes encourage proper alignment of the feet, ankles, and back, leading to improved posture and reduced strain on the musculoskeletal system.

Foot Health

Prevents Foot Problems

Shoes that fit well and provide adequate support can prevent common foot issues such as blisters, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

Back Pain

Alleviates Lower Back Pain

Proper support from footwear can alleviate lower back pain by ensuring an even distribution of weight across the foot, reducing the strain on the lower back.

Balance and Stability

Enhances Balance and Stability

Footwear with good traction and support can improve balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and injuries, especially on uneven surfaces.

Endurance & Performance

Boosts Athletic Performance

Athletic shoes designed for specific sports can enhance performance, provide better grip, and reduce fatigue, allowing for longer, more effective workouts.

Energy Levels

Increases Energy Efficiency

Shoes that provide proper support help in maintaining better energy efficiency by minimizing excess energy expenditure due to poor posture or foot alignment.

Mental Well-being

Boosts Confidence and Motivation

Wearing the right shoes for the occasion can increase a man's confidence and motivation to stay active, leading to improved mental health and well-being.

I can't say that Orthfeet shoes are going to fix your bad posture or eliminate back pain overnight or miraculously make you look better and feel more confident. That's really not the point. However, it is essential that if you are looking to shape up this spring that you focus on the fundamentals before planning a tough spring workout. 

Brisk Walks An Easy Place To Start After A Fitness Vacation

Around the house, I usually wear an easy-to-put-on/take-off pair of slip-on shoes or a moccasin-type shoe. It works fine to grab a package from the front porch but I needed something that added stability and traction while starting a regimen of walks this winter now that the weather is transitioning to spring.

That's why I love these Orthofeet Verno Hands-Free Boots - they are literally a game-changer. Previously I have ended up wearing my boots too loose or spent too much time trying to get them laced up properly. Quite frankly as a big guy ... properly lacing a pair of boots can be pretty challenging, especially when getting back into a workout routine that requires good footwear. We these though, You just slip your foot in and push down.

These boots embrace a patented Slip-On system, removing the need to bend down constantly to take them on or off, perfect for those looking to refresh their workout gear for spring. They boast premium orthotic insoles for great arch support and a cushioned sole for easy walking. The water-repellent, easy-to-clean uppers and wide toe-box make them ideal for those of us with sensitive feet. Plus, with Orthofeet's 60-Day Comfort Guarantee, we're all covered. 

Best For: Individuals seeking a blend of comfort, stability, and innovation in their footwear, especially those dealing with foot conditions or in professions necessitating long hours of standing or walking.


  • Patented Slip-On system simplifies the process of putting on and taking off shoes, reducing the need for bending.
  • Premium orthotic insoles provide anatomical arch support and aid in alleviating heel and foot discomfort.
  • Water-repellent, easy-to-clean uppers and a wide toe-box alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, and hammertoes, making these boots ideal for sensitive feet.


  • The style and design of the boots may not appeal to everyone.

Set Clear, Achievable Excercise Goals

Now that you have the right footwear, setting clear, achievable fitness goals for the spring season is the crucial next step towards achieving your fitness goals. Setting goals is a great way to make your exercise routine something achievable and leave you feeling like you have accomplished something as the weather warms. This, in turn, will help keep you motivated and track your progress effectively throughout the rest of the year. Implementing SMART objectives, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound, allows for goal visualization and progress measurement.

I like to set personalized targets, breaking down my larger goal into incremental milestones. This makes my journey less overwhelming and more manageable.

Here's a simple table that outlines my approach:

Goal Setting Steps



Walk 5km


Track time


Weekly walk


Spring fitness


By end of May

Start Slow and Build Gradually

Once you've set your fitness goals for spring, remember it's important to start slow and build your endurance gradually. Don't overlook the importance of warming up before each workout. It prepares your body for the exercise ahead and can help prevent injuries. Recovery days are also critical for giving your muscles time to heal and grow stronger.

Overtraining poses serious dangers, so finding a balance between a tough workout and something more manageable is essential. Stretching benefits your flexibility and overall performance, making it a vital part of your routine. Gradual progression methods, like increasing your workout intensity or duration bit by bit, let you improve at a pace that's right for you. 

Paitence is the key here. If you've become inactive during the winter months, you'll need to get back on track slowly and methodically too. Just remember, you didn't become inactive overnight so you will need to warm-up again before being able to achieve your maximum potential.

We're all in this together, so let's make the most of our spring fitness journey!

Incorporate Outdoor Workouts

As the weather grows warmer, it's an excellent opportunity to incorporate outdoor workouts into your fitness routine. Being part of nature enhances your physical health and nourishes your well-being.

Here are three ways you can enjoy your outdoor workout:

  1. Outdoor Stretching, Yoga, or Tai Chi: The benefits of outdoor stretching practices are more fundamentally important than many people believe - it combines the tranquility of nature with the serenity of yoga, helping you attain inner peace while toning your body. Whether you are practicing Yoga or Tai Chi, the act of making slow deliberate movements helps open your body, mind, and spirit to allow you to improve not just physical abilities but mental too.

  2. Nature Walks: Spring is the perfect time to refresh our fitness routine with outdoor activities. The advantages of nature walks extend beyond mere physical exercise. They give you a chance to connect with the world around you, reinvigorating your mind and body.

  3. Park Workouts and Beach Runs: Park workout routines offer a fun excuse to get outside and get fit in a social atmosphere. Similarly, beach running challenges your muscles in new ways. Look for ways to include cardio as well as strength training and variable types of terrain to keep things from getting dull and boring.

Try New Sport or Spring Fitness Activities

In the spirit of spring, it's a perfect time to shake up your routine and try out new sports or activities. You're not alone in this, we're all in it together, exploring new horizons in fitness and enjoying the journey.

Here's a quick overview of some sports and activities you could consider:

Activity, particularly when planned as workout dates with a friend, can keep motivation high.



Exploring Yoga

An ancient practice involving stretches and poses

Enhances flexibility and mindfulness

Kickboxing Introduction

A blend of boxing and martial arts

Boosts stamina, coordination, and strength

Paddleboarding Basics

Standing on a board while propelling through water

Improves balance and full-body strength

Bouldering Benefits

Climbing on low rock formations or artificial rock walls

Enhances problem-solving skills, upper body strength

Dance Fitness

High-energy choreographed dance routines

Promotes agility, rhythm, and cardio fitness

Spring Is The Perfect Time To Focus on Getting The Right Nutrients, Hydration, and Eating Healthy Meals

To complement your new spring fitness activities, it's crucial to focus on getting the right nutrients, staying hydrated, and eating healthy meals. We're in this journey together, and I bet you're wondering how we can achieve these goals.

  1. Nutrient Timing: This is all about when you eat. Try to consume proteins and carbohydrates before and after workouts for optimal recovery. Consider adding supplements to allow for muscle growth, and reducing cramping for instance.
  2. Hydration Strategies: Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water. Keep a bottle handy and sip throughout the day.
  3. Healthy Meal Prep and Portion Control: Plan your meals ahead to ensure they're balanced and nutritious. Control your portions to avoid overeating.

It is Essential To Hydrate Properly 

Even though things might be pretty chilly at the start of your workout, hydration is still essential. 

Hydration during spring workouts is crucial for optimal performance and recovery, as it helps regulate body temperature and maintain electrolyte balance, ensuring muscles function efficiently. Proper hydration also aids in preventing cramps and fatigue, allowing for longer and more effective exercise sessions. Additionally, staying well-hydrated supports cardiovascular health by facilitating easier blood flow, enabling the heart to pump blood more efficiently during physical activity.

Eat Real Foods Not Just "Fitness Bars"

Focusing on real foods and superfoods instead of relying on "fitness bars" ensures a rich intake of natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential for overall health, energy levels, and recovery. Real foods provide complex nutrition that can't be replicated by the processed ingredients and added sugars often found in fitness bars, promoting better digestion and sustained energy. Moreover, incorporating superfoods into your diet can offer antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, supporting muscle recovery and immune health, crucial for an active lifestyle.

Create a Workout Schedule

Building on our nutritional goals, let's map out a workout schedule that'll keep us active and fit this spring, incorporating tips to spring clean our fitness routine. Workout consistency is key, so we'll aim to balance morning exercises, evening routines, and weekend workouts, following five tips for maintaining momentum. Fitness apps can be handy tools in maintaining this routine.

To maintain fitness momentum:

  1. Regularly Update Goals: Set and refresh your SMART goals to keep focused and motivated.

  2. Workout with Others: Partner up or join a group to boost motivation through shared accountability and enjoyment.

  3. Mix Up Your Routine: Prevent boredom and plateaus by regularly trying new exercises or sports.

  4. Celebrate Successes: Acknowledge every achievement with rewards that don't counteract your progress, keeping motivation high.

  5. Prioritize Recovery: Listen to your body, incorporating rest and recovery practices to prevent burnout and injuries, ensuring a sustainable fitness journey.

This table gives us a clear, manageable routine, ensuring that we engage different muscle groups and rest appropriately. Remember, this is our fitness journey, and we're doing it together. So, let's stick to the plan and welcome spring with renewed vigor and vitality.

Listen to Your Body

We must tune into our body's feedback and adjust our workouts accordingly. Understanding pain and recognizing body signals are key components of injury prevention. Sometimes we missinterpret pain signals though and so if you are a bigger guy like I am or have some particularly aggressive fitness goals - you should always contact your primary care provider or work with a fitness coach / personal trainer who can help you stay on track but also schedule regular workout dates and monitor your vitals such as heart rate and muscle soreness.

Here's a quick guide to help you navigate the process:

  1. Understanding Pain: It's your body's way of saying something isn't right. Don't ignore it. Pushing through might lead to serious injuries.
  2. Mental Health: Your mind and body are interconnected. If you're feeling stressed or anxious, it might be time to take a break.
  3. Rest Importance: Rest days are crucial for muscle recovery and growth. They're not a sign of weakness, but of wisdom.

Enlist a Workout Buddy Who You Can Trust

Having a workout buddy can make your fitness journey more enjoyable and productive. Right now while I'm stuck here in Toledo my "workout buddy" is my wife Heather but it could be anyone that you trust to share the burden of motivating each other.

The buddy benefits are plentiful: we can push each other to go harder, help each other to stay focused, and inspire one another to keep going. We become accountability partners, looking out for each other's progress and ensuring we're both on track. This partnership dynamic breeds motivation boosts that we wouldn't experience alone. 

My buddy's energy perks me up when I'm feeling low, and vice versa. Plus, it's a social exercise that adds a fun element to our workouts. We laugh, we sweat, and we share a common goal. This sense of belonging, of being part of a team, truly makes a difference. So, go ahead, find your workout buddy this spring. It's worth it.

Track Your Progress As You Enter The New Season

Next on our spring fitness journey, let's dive into the importance of tracking your progress. It's a crucial step that we shouldn't overlook. It helps us see our achievements, motivates us and gives us a sense of belonging in our fitness community.

  1. Progress Journaling: Start a fitness diary. Document your workouts, body measurements, and how you're feeling. It's a reflection of your journey.
  2. Fitness Apps: They're your digital companion. They track performance metrics like distance covered, calories burned, and provide visual reminders to keep you on track.
  3. Visual Reminders: Display a progress chart at home. Seeing your progress daily serves as a powerful incentive.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments But Never Stop Pushing Yourself To Do Better!

While it's crucial to pause and revel in your fitness achievements, it's equally important to never stop challenging yourself to reach new heights. Achievement rewards offer emotional motivation and the thrill of smashing personal bests.

But let's not forget the power of self-competition strategies. They can spark a mindset transformation, helping you to aim higher and push harder. Each achievement deserves recognition, but there's always another milestone waiting. Embrace the journey, be proud of how far you've come, but remember, the road to fitness doesn't end. Let's keep pushing!


So, there you have it! As spring rolls around, don't put off your fitness journey, invest in the right shoes, and set attainable goals. Start slow, gradually increase intensity, and embrace the great outdoors. Always listen to your body, find a workout buddy, track your progress, and celebrate your victories. But remember, never stop pushing yourself. Here's to a healthier, fitter you this spring!