Wigwam Hotel is a Roadside Attraction on Route 66 in Arizona

It doesn’t matter where you’re going on vacation, trips often have some of the same things in common. There are visits to the beach, if you’re near the coast, trips to local museums, and probably a little shopping. There’s nothing wrong with doing as the rest of the tourists do, but why not try something a little different?

There are many unique and interesting things to do, no matter where you go, and choosing something to do that’s a little offbeat is a great way to ensure the entire family creates lasting, unique memories of every trip you take.

Here are a few memorable things to do on vacation that you might not have thought of.

Visit the World’s Biggest

There’s just something about seeing something in person that you know is the world’s biggest. It could mean visiting the world’s biggest theme park or the world’s biggest house, but there are a lot more obscure, but no less interesting, large objects out there.

For example, you should definitely visit the Dubai Frame when vacationing in Dubai. Coming in at 150 meters high, it is the largest in the world. Not only is it decorative, it contains three separate galleries for visitors to explore, with the most striking being the Present Dubai. This exhibit allows you to gaze out at the city with 360-degrees of uninterrupted views of the landscape.

From frying pans to dogs and just about anything else you can imagine, keep your eyes peeled, and you can visit the world’s largest something on your next trip.

Roadside Attractions

They might not be the world’s largest, but roadside attractions are often some of the weirdest things you will come across on your vacation!

The United States is known for strange roadside attractions. Just a few include:

  • Visit Salvation Mountain in California that features a 50-foot hill covered in colorful paint.
  • Cano's Castle in Colorado is built out of suds cans and scrap metal.
  • See the Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.
  • Visit Nicholas Cage's strange tomb in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Don’t think it’s just the United States! From the Headington Shark sticking out of a roof in Oxford, England to the upside down house at the China Folk Painting Village in Shenzhen, there are plenty of places to pull over, no matter where in the world you are!

Strange Tours

Going on vacation used to mean exploring the city yourself, unless you wanted to find a guide to provide you with a little history as you walked the streets. Today, there are tours of all kinds, and many of them are a little strange.

For example, ghost tours have increased in popularity over the years. They are a great option for vacationers who are tired of gazing at paintings in museums.

That’s not all! Pedal pub bike tours, cupcake crawls, rooftop tours, and more can be found in nearly any city you might visit.

Get out at Night

You might be planning on going out at night already, and if you do, you wouldn’t be alone. Many cities offer a colorful nightlife, but make things a little more interesting by avoiding restaurants and clubs after the sun goes down.

Instead, consider staying up late and gazing at the stars. There are many locations that are perfect for amateur stargazers. If you get outside the city far enough, you can gaze up at the stars almost anywhere.

Whether you decide to gaze at the stars all night or not, consider visiting a café long after the bars have closed, or get up before the sun does and grab some donuts. You’ll see a completely different side of the city if you get out when everyone else is asleep.

Split Up

Family vacations are for spending time with family, right? Not necessarily!

Although friends and family back home may think you’re crazy, your immediate family will surely appreciate being able to split up on vacation. Get away for the afternoon and visit the museum that your partner doesn’t want to see, or let him take the kids to the beach while you do a little shopping. It’s the best way to ensure everyone gets to do something they want!

By all means, visit the shopping center and ride the roller coasters at the theme park, but don’t be afraid to get a little weird on your vacation too. With the ideas on this list, there’s something unforgettable to do that the whole family will enjoy!