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When it comes to getting enough protein in our diets, most of us automatically turn to meat. But what if there were a healthier, more sustainable option? Enter: beans! Many people are unaware that beans can be an excellent source of protein for men — and possibly even better than meat. In this article we'll compare the two and determine which is truly the superior source of protein.

Scandinavia is a subregion in northern Europe with a rich cultural background and strong historical and linguistic bonds among its people, which have been maintained for centuries and are still evident today. In addition to its exciting offerings, such as the mesmerizing northern lights and stunning architecture, its cuisine is a standout.

You might not think that there's a science to pairing your shot of whiskey with a beer but there is. It honestly makes sense that you wouldn't want to have whatever the bar manager has picked for their happy hour special and that's why Bulleit Whiskey and Stone Brewing have kicked off a partnership to help educate whiskey - and beer drinkers across the country on the proper pairing.

You may have heard of Prince St Pizza as an iconic New York City pizza shop that has rapidly joined the ranks of regional favorites that are now available nationwide through Gold Belly. However, they have also been aggressively expanding with retail locations too. Most recently, that list of places that you can get authentic New York pizza now includes San Diego! I don't say this lightly but I was actually pretty impressed with these guys and as any fan of pizza in the Big Apple knows ... it's all about the water.

Johny Bootlegger is a flavored malt beverage that frankly would fall outside of my normal scope of trying for a review and frankly to be completely honest when it arrived in the mail a couple months ago I took one look at it and thought to myself, "What the hell? Why did I say yes to checking this out?" The reality though is that while I like to enjoy the finer things in life - sometimes it's ok to take a IDGAF moment and throw back some mobster-themed malt liquor with a range of colors even a bag of skittles has nothing on.