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Men's style and fashion reviews, trends and advice
  • Help Protect Your Lips And Keep Them Kissable: Lip Care Should Be A Priority for Men

    Gentlemen, picture this: You're out on a date, engaging in a captivating conversation with someone special. The chemistry is undeniable, and a connection is forming. But wait, as the conversation deepens, you can't help but notice your lips feeling dry and cracked, silently sabotaging your chances of a smooth, confident smile... much less that soft connection with her lips in a passionate kiss at the end of the night. She probably invested her time in checking out different lip care products and even has a daily routine to make sure you aren't disappointed when it's time to connect. So why aren't you taking even a little bit of time to protect your lips and make them kissable?

  • How Men Can Use Scar Gel to Recover from Skin Injuries

    We all want our skin to be free of imperfections, sadly, that just isn't the case for most men. Between acne scars and fights that are part of almost every man's youth, scaring has almost become a badge of honor. Indeed, some scars are even considered a sign that you've survived the battle and are now even stronger and more fearsome. Unfortunately, that's not always the image we want to present to those around us. Thankfully there are now some good options to fix those blemishes.

  • How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Prevent Acne Breakouts When Traveling

    When you're on the go, it can be tough to keep your skin looking its best. Between spending long hours in a stuffy airplane, less than healthy meals on the go, and new environments that you'll be exploring, your skin is likely to take a beating. But don't worry - we've got you covered! In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for keeping your skin clear and prevent acne breakouts when traveling.

  • SkinPro The Daily Wingman Is Your Secret To Great Looking Skin

    As the men’s skin care world reacts to the demands of needing more and more male products, the number of options whilst you’re scrolling through your smartphone or walking down a drug store aisle can be overwhelming.

  • More Than Just Sunscreen: What Men Should Know About Summer Skin Care

    Skin care is something most men neglect until you experience a problem. However, your skin is actually your largest organ, and its health directly affects everything else. If your skin is dry and cracked, you open the body to infections that can easily spread. The best way to care for this organ is to give it regular TLC, even for us guys. While we all know we need to wash our face, good summer skin care goes much deeper.

  • Modern Man’s Mandatory Skincare Routine

    Taking care of your skin is even more important for men as they get older. Not only is your skin facing challenges related to aging, but the benefits of looking younger are that much more important. While many of us are in quarantine and working virtually, I find that good looking skin - especially on the face is even more important now since we're stuck in front of the camera doing web conferences. In the past, it was good enough to simply shrug off imperfections and hide behind shadows but today - a good looking face stands out.

  • Particle Face Cream – Innovative Men’s Skincare Ready For 2020

    Anyone involved in skincare knows that the industry has undergone many significant changes in the past decade, especially when it comes to men’s skincare.

  • How To Start A Skincare Regimen For Men Over 40

    At one point in our lives, simply splashing water and soap on our faces was enough. However, like other parts of our bodies, aging makes our skin harder to keep looking good once we start to become older. Now, in my early 40's I'm starting to realize that. Looking at my face there are lines and wrinkles that remind me of my age every time I look in the mirror. Where did the time go?!?

  • 5 Tips From Your Barber to Get That Perfect Shave at Home

    Getting that perfect shave can be a challenge and there's simply no replacement for a professional shave. It's a luxury that not enough of you have enjoyed - but those of you who have will undoubtedly agree with my sentiment.