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  • Ducati Introduces The 224 hp Street Legal Superleggera V4

    I like all things fast and while I've never had the chance to actually ride a motorcycle, there's a sense of extreme thrill that they embody and no bike manufacturer is as synonymous with elegance and refinement as Ducati. The level to which the engineers push both style and technology is simply incredible and now they've introduced the Superleggera V4, boasting 224 horsepower (street) and 234 (on track with racing kit) but weighs only 336 pounds. That is an insane seven horses per pound, even better than an F1 car. With a price tag of $100,000 and only 500 being made, I know what some of you are going to have on your letters to Santa this year!

  • How to Pick The Best Off-road Motorcycles For 2020

    Off-road motorbiking has always been one of the most popular sports across the world. Whereas the riders always look forward to hop on their beast and cut through the bumpiest terrains, motorcycle manufacturers too, leave no stone unturned in giving the bikers their favorite companions. 

  • Five Tips For Beginner Motocross Riders

    Motocross is not just a sport, but an experience, a feeling and a subtle description of adventure. But at the same time, it isn’t something that one can simply wake up to and go on for. Here are five tips for beginner motocross riders to get started right...

  • Going The Distance on a Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

    Riding your motorcycle can easily feel like one of the most freeing activities you can engage in. There’s nothing quite like hitting the road at the start of a long journey. Society may try and make you feel as if you have to conform to societal norms, but there’s a certain freedom that accompanies the nomadic ways of the road.

  • How To Prepare For Your First Motocross Race

    Buying a motocross bike and learning the first tricks was fun and now you’re looking for more challenges? Racing on a motocross track might look like an easy thing to observers, but once you hit the track, you’ll figure out how much training it requires to successfully finish a motocross track. If you’ve never participated in a motocross race, but have a strong desire to try, in this article you’re going to get very useful tips that will make you first motocross racing experience much better and easier. 

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