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It’s that time of year when graduations are happening; weddings are on the calendar, family reunions, and other celebratory events are taking place. That means guests will be coming over and need a place to sleep. If you’re limited on space but want to help with hosting duties, a daybed can handle the job for you. In fact, for my own day bed it is way more than just simply a place to sleep when guests come over but also acts as a couch by the window with tons of big pillows where I can kick back and relax.

Daybeds are multi-purpose pieces of furniture that will fit a bedroom, guest room, office, or den. They offer an attractive seating option and a comfortable bed when needed. You can even have additional sleeping space by adding a trundle that can be pulled from under the daybed. Place a mattress in it, and now you have space for two guests. Three components make up a daybed, the frame, mattress support, and trundle. The trundle is an optional piece, so you only have to get it if you think it’s necessary for your lifestyle needs.

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What About The Queen?

There are also options for full and queen mattresses. Daybeds for kids’ rooms can be found with a double trundle for those friends or relatives their age who stay for a sleepover. The full and queen daybeds aren’t often used as sofas due to the piece’s depth when sitting. Twin daybeds are the most comfortable seating option.

Link springs are the most popular mattress support. They are metal grid-like structures with springs that replace the need for a box spring. The springs attach to the side panels of the frame to form a solid, stable bed. The twin mattress rests on the springs leaving enough room underneath for a trundle.

The other mattress support is a wooden slat system. It’s similar to many traditional bed slat systems that attach to the front and back of the frame to support the mattress.

Pull Out Some Trundles

Design a bedroom with daybed styles that fit your lifestyle. Trundles are an extra mattress frame hidden beneath the daybed that slides out and provides another sleeping space. Pop-ups and drawer trundles are the two different types.

People like the pop-up trundle because when placed side by side, they form a king-size bed. They’re typically made of metal and can be left lowered or elevated to align with the primary mattress.

Drawer or slide-out trundles are usually specific to the bed, so the trundle dimensions are just right for the daybed. Drawer trundles can hold twin-size mattresses but cannot be raised to meet the primary mattress. They can also remain empty and be used as storage space.

Your Choice Matters

Daybeds can be found in a wide variety of materials, finishes, and upholstery, just like traditional sofas. What you choose greatly depends on your style preference, the room’s current theme, the amount of maintenance the material requires, and your overall lifestyle. Some prefer the traditional look of metal spindles, and others want to accent the space with more modern upholstered designs.

Once you’ve chosen a daybed, it’s time for the fun part; decorating. Choose bedding that enhances the look and feel of space, and don’t be afraid to get creative.