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DNA Testing Why Every Man Should Consider Getting Tested

dna testing can help better understand your heritage

DNA testing is one of the most interesting discoveries of the last 100 years. It’s helped solve crimes, identify historical figures and tell us much more about diseases and how to cure them. As it has become more accessible, it’s also telling us much more about our family histories. We’ve all seen Who Do You Think You Are? and is becoming easier and easier to ask yourself that very question.

Exploring your origins is simple these days and there are plenty of packages available online which you can get to test genetics and ethnicity. Considering some of the potentially life-saving benefits, price shouldn't even be a concern. Some of the best DNA test for ethnicity packages can be picked up for around $100 today. Regardless of whether you are adopted or think you have a traditional family upbringing, a DNA test can be an eye-opening experience.

Five Reasons Why Men You Should Get A DNA Test

It's Fun To Find Out More About Your Heritage - this is undeniably the biggest benefit of taking a DNA test. As men, so much of our identity is tied to our ancestry and the men that came before us. While not all Norwegians were Vikings and not all French are skilled chefs, having a proven connection to your past can provide support to family stories ... or help you create new ones. As a father, you can pass these stories to your son and raise them with traditions true to your actual ancestry. Even if you find only a small fraction of your ethnic identity is a surprise it can still make for a great story.

DNA Testing Can Expose Risk For Disease - Depending on the DNA test, you might be able to screen for specific conditions or simply confirm that based on ancestry that you have risk factors. Either way, this is a great opportunity to reveal more information about your health that can potentially save your life or at least help you plan your future more effectively.

Answer Questions About Who Your Actual Parents Are - While most DNA testing is done in a fun and enlightening environment, it can also be an opportunity to confirm who your true parents are. Or more specifically, prove who your parents aren't. For most men, this is a Pandora's box that you might not want to open. However, for those men with adopted parents or from a family with a single father or mother it can be an exciting opportunity. For instance, you might know that your mother is mostly Irish and only known that your dad who left when you were young was "Asian". Now though, you can learn that your dad was Japanese and Filipino. 

You Might Even Make Some Money By Sharing Results - While most DNA tests charge a fee of some sort, you can actually take that information and upload raw dna data in exchange for shares in that company.

Build Bonds With Your Spouse, Partner or Girlfriend - Building a new relationship is based on building common bonds. In the past, people took blood tests to prevent cousins from getting married and determine potential genetic conflicts but with DNA tests you can find something even deeper. For instance, a shared Scandinavian heritage - even if you thought you were 100% German can give your budding relationship that extra spark. 

Be Cautious About DNA Test Results

While the current generation of DNA testing services can be pretty accurate, it is not an exact science. There can be false matches and errors with how different pieces are detected and attributed.

Additionally, make sure that you understand what sort of test is administered. For instance - is it an Autosomal, Y-DNA or mtDNA test. Autosomal is the most common and can be administered to both men and women. Y-DNA however is only for men and traces DNA records through the Y-Chromosome and reveals patrilineal ancestry. mtDNA on the other-hand traces matrilineal ancestry through your mother, grandmother and so forth. These three different tests can reveal different results.

Overall, taking a DNA test can be a great opportunity for any man who wants to learn more about who they are and where they came from. 

However, like anything you can't let it rule your life. Take the results and apply them to your existing person and make life better and more exciting with what you find.

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