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leather ipad sleeve

Your iPad is either a valuable business tool, a recreational device that you could not be without or both. It's a sleek elegant device offering both form and function that is matched by its toughness. That said it is important that you protect this device using a good sleeve.

With this in mind, many go for Harber London's iPad leather sleeves as like the iPad they offer both form and function.

Let’s take a closer look at the important aspects of a good iPad sleeve.

Leather vs. Plastic

Many cases and sleeves are made from plastic or in some cases other materials such as wool. These materials tend to age badly and fail to offer adequate protection. Leather, on the other hand, is hard wearing and is designed to outlast your iPad. Leather is also a material that ages well. It is like an old leather bound book and as the years go by your sleeve will carry a similar significance.

Using leather as a basis for an iPad sleeve you will be combining style and protection which is the effect you’re after.


Leather sleeves offer you plenty of choices. Using vegetable-based dyes it is possible to buy sleeves that suit your style, look, and taste. This allows you to choose a sleeve that is individual to you. This makes for a great first impression and first impressions are profound.

Sleeves can also be neutral in the sense they are perfect for business meetings and the like.

In terms of the style of sleeve, once again you can choose from a range of designs that feature envelope style fastenings, zip fastenings, or you can opt for one that is more of a pouch. Side pockets that can house business cards and phones together with pen/pencil holders are also an option.


When choosing your sleeve it is wise to select one that is not made from a woven material. These can and do fall apart over time and you will find you are almost constantly buying replacements. One key advantage of leather is that it is not a woven material and as such lasts. The importance of good material choice cannot be overstated.

Made to Measure

As iPads come in different sizes you will find that cases do as well. This makes it easy to find the right size case for your pride and joy, and you can offer it perfect protection. As leather cases bring an ‘old school’ quality which is often timeless, you will find that your case is still eye-catching no matter what the current trend.

A good fitting case keeps your iPad safer than one that is free to move about. It also feels more sturdy as you carry it from place to place.

Leather cases offer several aspects where no other material can compete. They offer better protection, better first impressions, and a timeless style that really sets you apart from others and gives your character a sense of individuality.

When considering a sleeve for your iPad ensure it is leather and add a sense of style to your life.