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mobile phone tips for travelers

When traveling you might be on guard to prevent pickpockets from stealing your wallet or even scanning your credit cards to steal your numbers but mobile phone theft is just as big of an issue if not more so in many places.

Your smart phone is more than just a device that let you make phone calls, it is literally a hand-held computer to take pictures, access your bank accounts, and manage sensitive data like your digital plane tickets. Keeping them secure while traveling is critical because we rely heavily on them. And from mobile device thieves to cybersecurity threats, there’s plenty to prepare your phone for before starting your journey:

Get a Rugged Mobile Case

Dropping your mobile phone on a trip can be frustrating. You may not have the time to find a mobile repair shop to restore it to operational capacity. And business hours tend to be sporadic during the pandemic. Even aesthetic damage can be unpleasant to deal with on a journey. So, consider buying a shockproof and drop-tested mobile case for your device.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are going out of fashion nowadays, with mobile phone screens becoming more durable and owners being more careful. But it’s easy to have an accident when you’re taking pictures over rocky surfaces or answering phone calls from a party at an exotic club. In addition to a rugged case, a screen protector should keep your device safe from accidents.

Decoy Phone

Some of the more beautiful and cost-effective places to vacation globally also have mobile phone theft problems. Many experienced travelers carry light and inexpensive decoy phones while keeping their primary phones in hidden pockets to counter pickpockets and muggers.


You can either get insurance for your phone from your cellular network or buy travel insurance. Either way, you’ll get compensation in case your device is stolen or broken. Even if you don't need it, it will give you peace of mind on your travels.

Antivirus Software  

Hackers love to target tourists on unsecured WiFi networks at airports, shopping malls, cafes, and even cruise boats with cybersecurity attacks that deploy malware. Within minutes, you can lose your sensitive data like your credit card numbers or the usernames and passwords to your bank accounts. And quickly getting in touch with your financial institutions to take remedial action can be next to impossible while overseas. Fortunately, a good free antivirus download for Android or iOS can protect your device from viruses, malware, Trojans, spyware, and keyloggers.

Network Security

As mentioned above, public WiFi networks can be risky. But many people accept the risks to avoid astronomical roaming charges. An excellent way to secure public WiFi is to subscribe to a top VPN service that uses WireGuard technology to encrypt data.

Just remember to keep your distance from free VPN and proxy services because of their security risks. For example, researchers found that a popular free VPN called Sensor Tower was spying on its users.

Login Security

In the event that a threat actor gains control of your phone, you can keep them out with the best login security measures. Use biometric security tools to shield your device and set a complex PIN. Likewise, set sophisticated passwords for your accounts. Finally, activate device locator features to find your missing phone.

Although it may take time to secure your device before your travels, the effort is certainly worth your time, data, and privacy.