HVER Pro optical-mechanical keyboard from Kaliber Gaming

Video game enthusiasts are always searching for that edge to improve their scores and while usually, that involves graphics cards, monitors, and mice - the value of a superior keyboard can not be underestimated. Most of us probably are still using that trash keyboard that came with your computer and I'd imagine that many of you are just using your laptop's keyboard thinking that is "good enough". It's not. For gaming as well as comfort with everyday typing, there is nothing better than a great keyboard. That's why I'm always thrilled to try a new one with sturdy mechanical keys that I can pound in anger battling foes on the battlefield as well as passionately typing out my latest article. With the new HVER PRO X RGB Optical-Mechanical Keyboard from Kaliber gaming, it takes things to the next level by offering optical-mechanical switches featuring IR technology for the fastest response time possible.

At first glance, this latest keyboard from Kaliber Gaming looks identical to the one I reviewed last year and that's because it is essentially the same. This includes chassis as well as the fully programmable keys and RGB lighting patterns. However, it's been updated with new switches that promise faster as well as quieter action.

This means that not only will my frag count increase (in theory!) but my wife is bothered less since it isn't quite as "clicky" as others that I've had in the past. 

hver pro optical mecahanical keyboard brown switch

For those who are using a standard OEM keyboard, you'll probably notice that it is relatively silent when you press a key and often the keyboard is flat and smooth. There's no real distance traveled between the top and bottom of the key when you press it. Mechanical keyboards on the other hand have a very satisfying feel when you press the buttons and often have a click to let you know the input has been registered. With the optical-mechanical brown switches found on the HVER Pro X they use fewer moving parts so there's less that can break but it is also faster. Optical switches don't require "debouncing" like traditional keyboards so this is effectively 25% faster. The end result is that you have the tactical feel of a mechanical keyboard with the speed of contact-based switches and a reduced sound compared to other mechanical switch options. 

While I actually prefer the louder clicking noise, my wife really appreciates this sound reduction and that makes me happy too!

Just like the other HVER keyboard that I reviewed previously, this one has the same aircraft aluminum chassis that while compact, has a nice solid feel to it and doesn't slide around on my desk the way plastic ones can. Furthermore, the rubber feet do a great job of reducing vibration as well as any unwanted movement too.

hver pro optical mechanical keyboard

Aside from the speed which frankly didn't help my pathetic gaming skills --- but it felt awesome to think it might, one of the other big benefits is that the optical switches don't use electrical contacts. This means that the keyboard is significantly more resistant, Kaliber Gaming says "nearly immune" to spills and dust. I've always laughed at people who spilled stuff on their keyboards until it happened to me a few weeks ago. Following that unfortunate accident - live on air while streaming even - certain keys just didn't work right anymore. It wasn't the type of upgrade path I wanted, but I was very thankful that Kaliber Gaming had this new keyboard available to let me test out as a replacement.

At the end of the day, $89.99 is a significant investment for a keyboard but since this is probably the most "toched" part of your gaming experience, I feel like a great keyboard is a worthy investment and this HVER Pro X RGB keyboard definitely qualifies.