hobby property to buy so you can follow your passion

We are all familiar with country clubs and yacht clubs ... people purchase property and memberships there because they are passionate about a sport such as golf or sailing. However, there's way more options than just those two hobbies. Over the past few months I've had the chance to check out a few different examples of this including fly-in resorts just for pilots, country clubs for sports car fans, and then of course there's buying your very own slice of heaven to go fishing or hunting on. Whatever your passion, there's probably an option out there that's perfect for you!

Country Clubs for Race Fans

Last week I was at a resort in Pahrump, Nevada designed to be the ultimate country club for race fans. Instead of a golf course though, this was all about racing. Spring Mountain Country Club is the ultimate example of a destination that is growing to serve the demands of a small - but wealthy and passionate group of individuals who just love motorsports. While some country clubs for car fans are focused on ultra luxury, Spring Mountain is a pure playground and includes a lake, golf course, and a labyrinth of track configurations that will soon allow for the largest single track in the world.

jumbolair florida john travolta home

Fly In Resorts for Pilots

There are many airparks around the country where private pilots can fly in - rather than drive - to get a weekend's rest or a quick game of golf. While most are designed for smaller aircraft, some like Jumbolair in Ocala, Florida are big enough to support passenger jets such as the one John Travolta has parked in his garage above.

hunting property in michigan

Buy A Ranch or Farm for Hunting and Fishing

While hunting and fishing lodges are great ... at some point you are going to want to have your own property. Luckily, there are specialty realtors like this company that specializes in hunting property for sale in Michigan. There are of course similar opportunities all over the country and while you might first think it's crazy to buy a huge property just to feed your passion ... why not? There's nothing quite like owning your own property and being able to track your own game without worrying about being on someone else's property.

 necker island

Buy a Private Caribbean Island

Of course, the ultimate piece of property that you can get would be your own private Caribbean Island. Richard Branson did this and turned his home into a private tourist destination but there are hundreds of Caribbean of islands available for sale still. They are just waiting for you!