weekend project ideas including building a fire pit

Weekends are a perfect time to tackle some home improvement projects. However, while you may
know that you want to improve your home in some way, you’re not entirely sure where to start. Luckily,
there are plenty of simple projects that you can tackle in a single weekend that will leave you feeling
satisfied with your progress once Sunday night arrives. Below are some suggestions to get you started.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A great place to start is with a fresh coat of paint in one of your rooms. It may be some time since you
last painted a certain room in your home. If you were to look closely at the walls, you may notice that
the paint is faded in some areas or completely worn away in others. And, even if your walls are in decent
enough condition, you may just be tired of looking at the same color. Adding a fresh coat of paint is a
great way to liven up a room and make it feel more exciting again. It also removes all those worn-out
You may have started glossing over areas because they’ve been there for so long.

Painting a room typically takes a day or two, depending on the size of the room. It’s also not too
expensive for a home improvement project. All you really need is some paint, some brushes, and rollers
to apply it, plus some materials to make the job cleaner, like some painter's tape and something to
cover your furniture. Head over to your local home improvement store and grab some paint samples to
help you determine which color would look best on your walls.

Add Some DIY Décor to a Blank Space

Another way you can spruce up a room is by adding some décor to a wall. This is an especially good
project if you have a large wall with hardly anything on it. Hanging up a few items can help to fill up that
space and make the room feel a little homier. However, filling up a large space can sometimes be
a little expensive, which is where DIY décor can help.

Rather than purchasing frames for all the pictures you want to add to the wall, grab some string and
some clothes pins and simply hang the pictures like a clothesline. Or grab some stencils and put a
meaningful message that you like on the wall with a little spray paint. You don’t need to purchase
oversized art or expensive tapestries to fill the space if you don’t want, as there are much more
affordable ways to do so.

Clean Out the Garage

If you have a garage, there’s a good chance that you’re like many of us and that it’s filled with clutter.
The garage becomes a place where we store everything we don’t know where else to put. A
perfect weekend project is cleaning your garage and organizing it.

Start by going through everything and making a pile of everything you can get rid of. Then, design some
storage solutions for the stuff you have left over. For example, you may want to install overhead garage
or purchase some stackable containers. Grab the materials you need, then go about organizing all
the stuff you decide to keep. Once you’re done, you may even be able to use your garage for its
intended purpose, storing your vehicle.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A small project that you can likely tackle in a day is installing a smart thermostat in your home. A smart
thermostat is a thermostat that can adjust the temperature in your home based on various settings. For
example, the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature at night before bed or in
the morning right before you wake up. With many smart thermostats, you can also control them from
your smartphone, allowing you to adjust the temperature in your home while you’re away.

On top of the comfort benefits this can provide, it can also help you lower your energy costs, as you’ll
have a more efficient system. You can likely find a smart thermostat at your local home goods or home
improvement store, which will come with directions for installation. As long as you’re a little handy, you
can likely complete this project on your own.

Incorporate Some Greenery To Brighten Things Up

Plant life is another great way to spruce up a space. Adding some green elements helps to make a space
feel more alive, which is especially nice in those cold winter months. You can

add plants to space in many ways, such as tall plants that go on the floor or smaller plants that you can place on a
table or desk. You can also purchase hanging plants and hang them around a room with some hooks.
Identify some spots in your home that could use some life, then research types of plants that would
thrive in that space based on the amount of sunlight it gets.

Build a Fire Pit

Finally, if you’re looking for an outdoor project to tackle this weekend, consider building a fire pit in your
yard. A fire pit is a great place to gather around in the summer months and doesn’t take too much work
to build. Depending on the style you want to make, it could just be a matter of digging a hole and
surrounding it with some stones. Then you would need some comfortable furniture to go around it,
and you’re all set. If you’re interested in building a fire pit, many guides online can walk
you through the process.

Make This Upcoming Weekend a Productive One

There are many projects you can tackle in a weekend that will significantly improve your home. Think
about which areas of your home you want to improve the most and your current budget for these
projects. This will help you narrow down which project to select first. Then, don’t procrastinate and lose
your momentum. Start looking up and buying the supplies you need and formulate a plan to get the
project done. Once you finish it, you’ll be glad you put your weekend to good use.