Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Summer is in full swing and that means pool parties are in season! If you're planning on throwing a pool party for your friends and family, it's important to make sure everyone stays safe. In this blog post, we will discuss some safety tips for both when guests are in the water and when they're out of the water. By following these tips, you can ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time at your party!

Train Your Family On Everyday Pool Safety Tips

Everyday pool safety training is essential. This includes basics like making sure each of your family members knows how to swim and float as well as recognize signs that they might be too exhausted to swim.

Other basic pool safety tips include:

  • Each person should know how to get out of the pool safely in case of an emergency
  • There should be a designated adult who is responsible for watching the children while they are swimming
  • Children should never be left unattended near any body of water
  • No diving in the shallow end
  • No running around the pool area
  • No horseplay in or around the water

By following these tips, you can ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time at your party!


Make Sure The Pool Is Properly Secured And Maintained Before The Party

Take a CPR / First Aid class and teach everyone in your family how to use the pool safely and show everyone in your family and all visitors where emergency equipment is at you pool. You never know when an emergency may happen and to who so everyone needs to know how to respond to an emergency. Most parks and recreation departments offer basic CPR and pool safety classes like this.

Make sure that all pool pipes, and drains are in working order and are not a danger to you or your family. Check the APSP for recall information on your pool equipment and if you are not sure how to check your equipment call your pool installer and have them check everything out. 

Make sure your fence around your pool is in working order and locks. You are responsible for your pool and your property and a wondering child coming into your yard and falling in your pool could mean major lawsuits, and even jail time depending on the person’s injuries.

Post signs that warn guests about the dangers of swimming

Posting signs and even making your guests sign a waiver is an important step to ensure that guests understand the danger they could be in while swimming. By signing a waiver, guests are acknowledging that they understand the risks and will not hold you responsible if something happens to them while they are swimming.

Some common pool party safety signs include:

  • No diving
  • No running
  • No glass near the pool
  • Adults only in the deep end

Be sure to post these signs around your pool area so that everyone is aware of the rules. You may even want to have someone stationed near the pool to enforce the rules and make sure everyone is following them. Breaking these rules can lead to serious injury, so it's important that everyone takes them seriously.

Provide Plenty Of Water, Sunscreen, And Shady Areas To Cool Off

One of the most important things to do when hosting a pool party is to make sure that your guests stay hydrated. Provide plenty of water and encourage guests to drink it often, especially if they are swimming. You may also want to provide some sort of non-alcoholic beverage for guests to enjoy as well. In addition to hydration, sunscreen is also key in protecting guests from the sun's harmful rays. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen available for guests to use, and provide shady areas for them to cool off in between swims.


Limit And Monitor Your Guests' Alcohol Consumption

While it's important to provide non-alcoholic beverages for your guests, you may also want to serve alcoholic drinks at your party. If you do choose to serve alcohol, it's important to limit and monitor your guests' consumption. Alcohol can impair judgment and coordination, which can lead to accidents both in and out of the water. Be sure to have plenty of food available as well, as this will help slow down the effects of alcohol. In addition, designate a sober person to be in charge of watching the pool and making sure everyone is following the safety rules.


Consider Your Attendees - Different Safety Measures For Kids vs Adults

Different types of parties require different specific considerations. For instance, a pool party for kids might require you to get a trained lifeguard whereas maybe one for adults can simply have someone assigned to be sober and observant who is briefed on basic first aid and who to call in an emergency.

Likewise, for a kids' party you may want to provide floaties and life vests as well as ensure that any pool toys that could tangle tiny legs or lead to dangerous situations are removed from the pool area.

Have An Emergency Plan In Place

No matter what type of pool party you're hosting, it's important to have an emergency plan in place. Make sure everyone knows where the first aid kit is and who to call in case of an emergency. In addition, be sure to have a plan for getting guests out of the water quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.


Hire A Lifeguard Or Assign A Pool Monitor Who Will Not Be Drinking

If you're hosting a pool party for kids, it's important to have a lifeguard on duty. If you're hosting a party for adults, be sure to assign someone to be the designated pool monitor. This person should not be drinking alcohol and should be responsible for making sure everyone is following the safety rules. In addition, they should know basic first aid and CPR in case of an emergency.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your pool party is safe and enjoyable for all of your guests. Remember, safety should always be your top priority when planning any type of event.