Teleworka allows you to share talents and make some extra cash

I'm loving the new world that we live in and how things that were once reserved for fancy and expensive corporate users are now available to the rest of us too. I came across one such service last week, Telework which is a combination of iOS app and directory where you can share your talents with others and get some help directly from experts. Think of it as a marketplace where instead of having to beg friends for help you can dial up an expert instantly and get the job done.

There are two parts to Teleworka - the first is being a host. In that role you just need to download the app then set an hourly rate and share the link. Clients can then contact you for help and you'll make money based on the call duration in minutes. This could be anything from a travel expert you can ask questions about how to navigate the process of passport renewal to a professional plumber who you can ask for tips on how to unclog a drain. I'm sure there are plenty of other uses too from simply having someone to talk with to professional councilors as well.

As a prospective client, you can either click on the link hosted on a host's website or social media, or you can visit WEBSITE and search for an expert host to engage with.

nutriontist help through teleworka app

There are so many exciting possibilities here that might have been "nice to have" before but are now potentially life-saving. Not only is this a way to make some extra side money by helping friends, neighbors and other random folks out on the internet looking for assistance. It is also a great way to avoid having an expensive consultation with a professional service provider. For instance, I have a clogged drain right now and I don't want my apartment maintenance guy to come over to take a look. He's a nice guy but the fewer people I have to be exposed to, the safer I feel.

So, instead, I can open up the Telework App and find a plumber or handyman for assistance. 

Or maybe your son or daughter is looking for assistance with school work and you have no idea how to help with their math assignments. Instead of begging a friend to help, you can have your kid connect with a tutor through Teleworka and get a tutor to provide assistance virtually ... without having to leave the house.

Teleworka is a new service so it's still growing but I dig the fact that they are trying to create a new solution to helping people make a bit of cash while staying at home.