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dog training

Owning a dog is a big responsibility but also a fun and rewarding role to take on. Pets are cute and furry and can quickly put a smile on your face.  

Your goal should always be to be the best dog owner you can be so that your pet remains happy and healthy. When you make an effort then you’ll notice that they do better overall and it becomes a gratifying relationship and bond. There are tips to help you become a great and responsible dog owner that will get you on the right track to ensure you and your pet get the most out of each day and your time together.    

Research the Breed

A good place to start when you want to become a great and responsible dog owner is to research the breed in detail. You must remind yourself that each breed is special in its own way even though there are some rules that apply to all pets. Once you know in what areas they may struggle or excel then you can adapt your behavior and approach to help them along in life. Do your best to match your temperament to that of your dog as well. Keep in mind that if you’ve adopted a shelter pet then they may have been through some trauma previously. Know the breed’s health risks so you can work to prevent them or easily and quickly recognize the onset of any illnesses.

Get Your Pet Regular Exercise

Another tip to help you become a great and responsible dog owner is to get your pet regular exercise. Take them for walks when you can or let them play outside in the backyard. You should consider purchasing and installing a wireless dog fence at your home so your dog doesn’t escape your yard and get into trouble. It’s an excellent way to provide your pet with more freedom to play while at the same time keeping them safe. Pets not only need to exercise to stay physically fit and well but it also benefits their mood and mental health. If your pet is overweight then it may lead to other health issues. Getting regular exercise will be fun and beneficial for not only your dog but also for you.

Visit the Vet

Find a trusted vet that you can take your dog to for regular visits and checkups. You must keep them up to date on their vaccinations when raising dogs. You’ll also want to have a vet you can call if any issues or problems arise with your dog or you have health questions. Consult with your vet about any booster shots that might be necessary or recommended too. Maintain records of your pet’s health records and get on a regular vaccination and check-up schedule so you don’t forget about this important task. You should also ask your vet about tips for preventing disease and repelling fleas and ticks.

Clean up After Them

Dogs and pets can be messy at times. If you want to keep your home clean and everyone healthy then you should clean up after their messes in the yard, on walks, and in parks. Keep up with cleaning up your hard so it doesn’t become too overwhelming for you. It’s part of your job as being a pet owner and will help ensure your home and your neighborhood remains clean and sanitary. You must be able to accept that this is part of the commitment you have to taking care of your pet.

Spend Time with Them

You also shouldn’t leave your pet alone for too long or too often. Spend time with your dog and make sure you have a plan to take care of them if you’ll be unavailable or are travelling. While your pets can function independently and on their own it’s also not a wise idea to leave them by themselves too frequently. If you do then you risk them becoming more anxious and possibly demonstrating destructive or attention-grabbing behaviors. It’ll help to maintain a consistent schedule if you can each day and to visit them during the day if possible. There is also the option of sending your dog to doggy daycare if you’re away for an extended period or at work. It’s a good idea to establish an emergency contact in case you ever need backup help.

Provide A Safe & Comfortable Space

You want your pet or dog to feel safe and welcome in your home. Therefore, provide a safe and comfortable space for them to reside and that they can call their own. Become a great and responsible dog owner by giving them a place away from all the chaos to eat, drink, and sleep. Buy the necessities such as treats, a collar, leash, and grooming tools. You might also want to consider dog-proofing your house so that there’s nothing breakable in reach and they can’t chew cords or encounter anything that may be toxic.  

Train Your Pet

Become a great and responsible pet owner by taking time to train your pet. You not only want them housetrained but also to listen to you when you speak. Treats work as an excellent training aid. You might also want to enlist help from a professional trainer if your dog seems to be giving you trouble or won’t listen. Plan on teaching your dog basic commands, socializing your dog, and going to a class if need be. Be sure to praise your dog when they perform well and although they might be trained, always supervise play with children. Don’t be afraid to set house rules and enforce them so they understand what behavior is appropriate.

Feed Your Dog A Healthy Diet

Another way to become a great and responsible dog owner is to feed your pet a healthy diet. And if you’re thinking of switching their food, read the reviews and do your research. For example, these Freshpet reviews can help you make a decision. Check with your breeder or vet if you’re unsure of what type of food is best for your particular dog based on the size, activity level, and age. It’s best if you keep your dog’s diet consistent instead of switching it and mixing it up.

Remember to consider other health conditions in your pet when finding healthy food. For instance, a diet full of texture, flavor, and nutrition can be great for your pet, and they’ll love you for it. Dog food recipes free of grain and low in carbs can be ideal for your furry friend. Consider getting lamb dog food made from digestive-friendly ingredients if your pet has a sensitive stomach or allergies.

Also, always provide enough fresh, clean water for them to drink. It’s especially important if the weather is warm or they’ve been playing outside.  

Bathe & Groom Your Dog

You can keep your dog healthy and happy by bathing and grooming your dog regularly. Find and wash your dog with a shampoo made for canines. Consider the breed and environment as to how often you should wash your dog. If you prefer not to do it yourself or it’s overwhelming for you then take your pet to a groomer or the vet. You can also prevent matting and reduce shedding by brushing your dog. In addition, keep their teeth clean and clip their nails.

Buy Safe Toys for Them

If you want to be a more responsible pet owner and great with your dog then make sure they have enough safe toys to play with. You don’t want your pet to choke or break a tooth so don’t buy toys that are too small or hard. Keep your pet interested and engaged in play by switching out their toys frequently. Remind yourself that it’s okay to spoil your pet and give them plenty of toys, cuddles, and new beds. Be your dog’s friend by not only providing toys for your pet but also planning activities and trips with your dog outside the house if possible.

Be Attentive to Their Needs

Most importantly, you are attentive and aware as a dog owner. Understand their needs and find ways to be your best pet owner. If you take your dog to a dog park then you should stay close by and watch your pet attentively. You don’t want them wandering off, fighting with other dogs, or finding areas they shouldn’t be in. Experts recommend going to dog parks early on in their life so that they learn proper socialization skills. Also, be alert to how their needs may change over the years. It’s going to happen as your dog ages and changes in new and different ways. For instance, your pet may require a different diet, need more sleep, or be less active. Although it’s hard to come to terms with, pets only live so long so be sure to pamper your dog as he or she ages.


As you probably now realize, owning a dog is a big job and undertaking. You should take your role seriously and always put your best foot forward so you can become a great and more responsible pet owner. If you still have questions or any concerns then you can always turn to your vet, a trusted family member or friend, or find a mentor who is good with pets. There are also plenty of additional resources and tips online to guide you. However, this advice should be an excellent starting point to getting you more comfortable as a pet owner and helping you to create a better and long-lasting life for your dog.