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tips for planning a second wedding

For many of us, our wedding day was one of the best days of our lives. We were young and in love and everything seemed perfect - but in reality, most of us guys probably weren't as understanding or helpful to our brides as we should have been. There were things we did wrong or should have simply done more of. While I am happily married now and can't imagine having to do things over again - other friends of ours are planning second weddings and this gives them a new chance to do things differently.

When you’re ready to start planning for that special day, the happy thoughts can quickly turn stressful. You can avoid the added conflict and strife that comes with the decision making by following the below 6 strategies.

Assign a Priority

The stresses of wedding planning can cause many a prospective bride and groom to lose out on a good night’s sleep. If you’re going to worry over every single detail, you’re going to wish for this important day to be over. Your impending nuptials should be a joyous occasion, so you want to keep things in perspective. As you’re going over your wedding checklist, prioritize each task based on its importance. You can also set a timeline such as 2 months, 3 months and 6 months before the wedding. Go over your list repeatedly to ensure that you’re not dropping the ball.

Divide the Duties

There are going to be some tasks that you’ll want to accomplish together and others that can be taken care of solo. At the start of your wedding planning, divide the jobs that you’ll decide on as a bride and groom, like arranging to visit a wedding rings supplier from a ‘jewelry store near me’ search on google, which could be the start of the things to. The bride typically takes charge of finding the bridal gown, and the dresses of the attendants. The groom can also take care of the wedding attire for himself and groomsmen. Items such as the venue, music, cake and menu are prime examples of tasks that should be covered as a couple. Shopping for the wedding party can be another solo effort. Because you may have grown up with this great group of people, it’s time to reward them with some killer groomsmen gift ideas. Shot glasses, cufflinks, money clips, mugs and other bar ware are ideal for the important men in your life. Jewelry, beach totes, make up cases and picture frames are unique mementoes for your matron of honor and other female attendants.

Take Into Account Various Personalities

By now you should know that you and your partner have various personalities. Whether you’re laid back or on overdrive, take into account your different approaches. If you are organized and detail oriented, you can be the leader in setting up the check list. You should also take on duties that match your personality. By keeping the lines of communication open about your expectations, you’ll be able to avoid confrontation and alleviate wedding insanity.

Set Time Aside to Plan

Weddings aren’t cheap, and they may require a stringent budget. Although you want to plow through your check list, your partner may be tired after a long day at the office. To avoid your wedding planning from feeling like a nuisance and chore, set up various times of the week to focus on your duties. Allow one day of the evening each week where you look for a venue, taste food or address invitations. If you find weekends the best for planning, allot a specific number of hours and leave the rest for chores and relaxation.

Include Others Opinions

Although this is your special day, you may want to include family in the wedding planning. This especially holds true if your parents are paying for the celebration. To alleviate this from becoming a pre-marital nightmare, voice your concerns ahead of time with all parties involved. You don’t want to begin your life as a couple in the middle of a family feud. Discussions could include the number of guests invited, budget, menu and who is paying for what.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Wedding planning can cause more than just stress. It can also lead to facial blemishes, headaches, loss of appetite, hair loss and lack of sex. While you may have a million things on your plate, don’t forget to do something for yourselves. As a couple, continue with regular date nights where you shelve your wedding planning thoughts for the evening. You can also take care of your personal well-being. Try meditating, attending a yoga class or jogging outdoors to relieve stress. You may want to put your phone on “do not disturb” for the evening and catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Once you’ve recharged your batteries, you’ll be better equipped to deal with your checklist.

Your wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, couples can get caught up in the frenzy associated with the costs and planning. You may even forget why you’re exchanging vows. Before you get lost in the chaos, the above strategies can help you calm your nerves and keep the peace with your partner.