Healthy Living Tips that You Can Follow to Show Quick Results

When it comes to improving our health, it can be a challenge since results often take weeks, months or years. Sometimes, the "result" is simply that nothing happens ... that you avoided an issue. This often results in any efforts ending prematurely or never beginning at all, despite our best intentions. Don't worry though, here's our tips to help improve your health that will show results (almost) immediately.

Take an Index of Your Vices - What Can You Give Up Today?

Let’s be honest, many of us will have some from of vice that we just can’t be without? You might enjoy an alcoholic drink more often than you know you should, or perhaps you smoke. But while we know these things can be detrimental to our health, we do it anyway. Maybe now is the time to change. While changing a habit is a long term proposition, certain things such as smoking can have rapid results. Luckily, today it is much easier to quit since you can try vaping as an interim solution and there are sites like VaporVanity that have great reviews and help to support you along the way. For instance - within just 12 hours of ending your nicotine habit, your oxygen levels return to normal and nicotine related anxiety issues will begin returning to normal. The big advantage to vaping here is that you can use it to wean yourself down from full nicotine dosage to half and then zero while still having the feeling of being able to puff.

Examine The Foods You Eat

The food we eat can be a big issue when it comes to our health. With busy lifestyles to endure and convenience being more readily available in terms of junk food, ready meals and take out options, we can all fall into the trap of unhealthy eating and bad diets. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Cooking from scratch, planning meals and preparing in advance can help you to change your diet for the better. Focusing on a more balanced approach to ensure we nourish our bodies with what we need. I'm absolutely addicted to sugar in all forms - carbs, sweeteners, etc. but when I switch to a low carb diet with no sugars I find that many aches and pains go away almost immediately within the first few days. This is because sugar is a terrible at causing inflammation and without it, my back and muscles all feel better. Over time, this reduction in calories will lead to weight loss and other benefits but in the short run it just makes me feel better fast!

top healthy living tips that show quick results

Start With Some Light Exercise

Exercise can be the biggest stumbling block people face. The thought of going to a gym everyday and taking on gruelling workouts, just doesn’t appeal to everyone. Instead of looking at things that way, start small, exercise is about being more active, not how many hundreds of pounds can you lift. In fact, being too aggressive and ambitious is a great way to get hurt. Instead, start small and focus on short term benefits. This could mean a walk in the park, a jog around the neighborhood, a few laps at the pool, or even just following a workout routine from a YouTube video. It’s about making the conscious decision to be active and it can really improve your health and wellbeing. Even after just 15-30 minutes of walking, you'll find that you've inhaled more oxygen and that will make your brain function better, elevate your mood, and start to burn off some calories.

Don't Forget Mental Health!

Finally, your mind is one of the most powerful things in your body and it ultimately controls everything that you do. If you find that you are more negative with your choice of language, quick to fire back at someone, or you just feel depressed or lethargic then maybe it's time to take a break. I like to take a few minutes each day to just close my eyes and think. I don't worry about anything else during this time and people just assume I'm listening to music. (In reality, my headphones are usually off and I'm just using them to help avoid outside distraction.) This helps me recharge and often times I emerge with new ideas or solutions to problems that simply wouldn't come out if I hadn't taken the time to let them bubble to the surface.

Relaxation moments like this as well as going to a spa or even just playing a video game to distract you can help change your health dramatically. A positive approach on life, changing thoughts from negative to positive, can make a big difference. It may seem forced at first, but it could be the biggest change that you make and can go a long way to repairing your mental health.