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Have you ever thought about changing your career and wondered what other people are making? Here are some awesome jobs that pay a ton of money. Let's take a look ...

Whether you're fresh out of college, looking for direction, or a career change, there are several factors to consider when looking for a new job. Yes, you will most likely find a job that best suits your skills, personality, and interests. But you want a job that will pay you well. You're not alone, as 57% of job candidates consider compensation and other benefits before accepting a new job. So, before you sign that offer, here are some of the highest-paying jobs you can consider.


Computer And Information Systems Managers

Computer and Information Systems Managers (often shortened to IS Managers) are usually responsible for designing and managing software organizations use to store data. Most of your work in this position would include monitoring and evaluating your company's existing software and technology structure while making recommendations for improvement and developing strategies to ensure that all systems are safe, secure, and efficient. These managers earn an average of $161,730 annually. To be successful in this position, you need to be well-versed in information systems. IS managers typically have bachelor's degrees in tech-related subjects like information technology or computer science. 



Also known as doctors, physicians provide medical care to patients. Many physicians work in specialized areas such as pediatrics, anesthetics, obstetrics, and many more. You will need to attend medical school after completing your undergraduate studies and then be required to complete a residency under senior doctors before being licensed to practice. Physicians are one of the highest-paid job holders in the United States. But it is worth noting that even though they are generally well-paid, some specialists make more than others. Anesthesiologists are the highest-paid medical practitioners, with their average annual salary being $271,440. 


Public Relations Managers

Popularly known as PR managers, these people are responsible for building awareness and crafting a positive public image for their companies. It is a very social and high-energetic job that includes building and maintaining strong relationships with key audiences, writing press releases, and developing communication and publicity campaigns. With PR, you will need more skills than formal education. Some companies may want you to have a bachelor's degree, but for most, if you've got what it takes, you can land the job without any formal education required. PR managers, on average, earn about $135,580 annually. 


Air Traffic Controller

Seeing this job on this list might surprise you. But air traffic controllers are making some pretty good money. It's an extremely important job. After all, someone needs to ensure that aircraft don't crash into each other. Air traffic controllers manage the flow of aircraft traffic at airports by using computer and radar technology. To get into this position, you will need to have a bachelor's degree or at least three years of work experience. However, you will need to apply for an intensive training program at the Federal Aviation Administration Academy to help you ease into your position as an air traffic controller. The average salary of an air traffic controller is $127,440. 



Have you got political aspirations? Then you should consider running for president! The office of the president is the highest state-paying job in the United States. Need some convincing? Check out Joe Biden net worth since he became president. While most presidents were previously career politicians or business leaders, you are not required to have any educational qualifications for this position. Presidents earn $400,000 annually. 


Chief Executives

Chief executives lead an organization. It is usually the top position in most companies, and it comes with several tasks. As chief executive, your role does not end with overseeing company operations. You are responsible for making strategic decisions and ensuring your organization is on track to achieving its vision and mission. You will also be in charge of communicating on behalf of your company. Most chief executives have advanced degrees like MBAs, but there is no standard educational path to becoming one. Other chief executives are usually business-oriented and entrepreneurial-minded and do not necessarily have formal education. Most chief executives earn about $197,840. 


Airline Pilot

If you want to enjoy an average salary of $189,190, you need a bachelor's degree and a private pilot license. It would be best if you also were not scared of heights. Airline pilots fly aircraft for commercial airline companies, both internationally and domestically. Once you've formal education and a license, you will need to obtain a minimum of 1500 hours of flying experience before getting certified to fly a commercial airline. In addition, you get to travel to different locations worldwide.


Architectural And Engineering Managers

Architectural and engineering managers are responsible for planning and directing architectural and engineering projects for companies. You would be expected to lead research and development teams, create new plans for a project, prepare budgets and solve technical issues. You will need to have a background in engineering or architecture, but you will also need to have excellent administrative skills. Architectural and engineering managers earn about $158,100.  


Marketing Managers

Companies need to hire experts who can analyze markets and identify demand for particular offerings to introduce to sell products and services. That's where marketing managers come in. The main point of marketing is to get your audience to heed your call to action to help you maximize your profits. Since most companies are making a profit, marketing managers are one of the highest-paid professionals in the country, with an annual salary of $154,470. To become a marketing manager, you will need to be innovative, creative, and have business acumen. Typically, you will need a degree, but these days, most companies will require that you get a master's degree. 



Lawyers have many titles and functions depending on where they work and what they do. Most common are prosecutors, defense attorneys, government counsel, and corporate counsel. Lawyers study the law, interpret, and apply it on behalf of their clients in various situations. To become a lawyer, you will need to complete your undergraduate studies and spend the next three years in law school. Prospective lawyers are then required to take a bar exam before receiving a practicing license upon passing. The demand for lawyers is expected to grow in the next decade, with many large organizations opting to increase their in-house legal units to avoid outsourcing expensive counsel lawyers. Lawyers earn about $148,910, but that all depends on your area of specialization and how well it plays. 



Dentists are listed as one of the best high-paying jobs when it comes to healthcare. Not only is the pay attractive, but it is relatively less stressful than other jobs in the healthcare industry. Dentistry requires thorough knowledge of your tasks, paying attention to detail, and developing excellent social skills to build rapport with your patients. To become a dentist, you will need an undergraduate degree before taking the Dental Admission Test to get you into a dental school where you will receive practical and theoretical training. Dentists typically earn about $180,830 annually. 

These are some of the few highest-paying jobs in the United States, but they are not the only jobs. There are other options available to help you make the right decision regarding your career. Ensure that you conduct extensive research before taking the next steps in your career. While compensation should inform your decision, check out other factors such as the lifespan of your career, your skills, and personality, as well as the educational requirements to give you a headstart. Good luck in your search!