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Bachelor Party Fashion Trends

Maybe back when you attended your first bachelor party it was cool to just throw on some jeans and whatever shirt didn't smell. Today though, you've grown up and it's time to turn up your game and celebrate in style! That means keeping up to date with all the latest fashion trends. Knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the clothing world can help ensure you wow when you walk down the aisle. To give you some inspiration, take a look at the following five men’s fashion trends to look great at a bachelor party in 2015.

Dressed Down Suits With Custom Printed Shirts

This year, one of the big trends that those in the know will be choosing is to swap the traditional frills of classic suit for a fancy evening, in favor of a more casual look. The dressed down suit is certainly in style right now. To achieve this look, you can ditch the traditional necktie for an open collar. Taking things a step further, you might want to lose the collar altogether and wear your jacket over a crew neck t-shirt. To take it a step further and celebrate in style, we think it would look great to custom print a batch of shirts for the whole party to wear with the jacket. Online clothing specialists such as FireLabel, bulk t-shirt printing can make this extremely easy to purchase these products, and plain white versions work especially well with this semi-formal look.

printed mens shirts


Patterns are big news this year too. Everything from mosaic tile prints to ornate and colorful swirls are featuring, and they could be just what you need to elevate the look of your bachelor party fashion statement. However, bear in mind that for the groom, less may be more when it comes to elaborate patterns for the wedding but for tonight it's time to party!

Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors either. If you don’t want to raise too many eyebrows with your choice of hues, you can inject subtle splashes of color into your bachelor party outfit by opting for striking accessories. Bear in mind though, block colors are currently in vogue, and there are bound to be some gents who take the opportunity to stand out in Crayola-inspired suits. This would certainly be one way to ensure you get noticed on your big day!

harry styles deep neck

Low Necks

It’s not uncommon for shirt buttons to open after an hour or two of the traditional bachelor party pub crawl, but the open shirt look might be even more of a feature than usual in 2015. Thanks to the likes of One Direction’s Harry Styles, the ‘slashed to the navel’ shirt is bang on trend.


The matching denim look has long been considered a fashion faux pas, but change is in the air this year. Sleek denim shirts and jackets are being teamed up with jeans to create an homage to this classic material. Designers are showcasing tailored jackets and blazers, giving denim a fresher, sharper look.

Of course, these are just five of this year’s hottest trends. There’s plenty more fashion inspiration to be found among peers, so what's your favorite fashion trend this year?