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Spain is a beautiful country full of sunshine, beaches, and things to do. Whether you want to stay in Barcelona, Madrid, or Seville, you can easily spend a summer next to the ocean, drink in hand, get a tan. But, is Spain a good place for a /father-and-son-trips? Yes, here’s why.

Why Spain is a Great Place to Travel With Your Kids

Spain is the perfect place to bring your children, so if you want your son to see the world, there’s no better place to start. Here are 5 reasons why Spain is a child-friendly, fun place to be.

The Spanish Language

If your son is school age, he’s probably picked up a bit of Spanish from his teachers or other students. Even if you’re a little rusty, you’re probably familiar with a few phrases or greetings. Either way, knowing the language will make navigating around the country a little easier.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to speak to the locals, brush up on some Spanish before you go. There are plenty of online schools and apps that can work around your schedule, like Lingoda. Their Spanish online course on their platform is flexible and suitable for all ages and levels.

Large Bustling Cities

Instead of making a beeline for the beach, you can start your vacation in one of the bigger travel hubs. Madrid has some incredible architectural and historical sights your son would love to see. For example, the Royal Palace, which is home to some Salvador Dali and Picasso paintings.

If you arrive in Malaga or Seville, there’s still a lot to look at. Flamenco dancing and Gothic bell towers are a common sight in the south, and there are plenty of people who’ll want to teach you about Spanish culture. Plus, if you stick to the south, you’ll get to try the incredible seafood.

Traditional Spanish Cuisine

It’s unfortunate that Spain sits between two food powerhouses, France and Italy, because traditional Spanish cuisine is pretty tasty. From paella valenciana to patatas bravas to pimientos de padrón, you’ll eat your fill of meat, fried food, beans, and local fruits and vegetables.

But you can’t go to Spain without trying tapas in a tapas bar. Tapas bars serve menus with small dishes, but the tapas themselves include anchovies and sometimes squids. If you have a picky eater, there are plenty of kid-friendly options, like revueltos, which are basically scrambled eggs.

The Incredible Culture

Once you’ve explored the city, it’s a good idea to take your son to a few small towns. Kids can get pretty restless when they’re city locked, but exposing them to the culture outside of large city centers can be really exciting. Plus, most picturesque towns are drivable in less than an hour.

Mijas Pueblo, Gibraltar, and Ronda are three destinations both you and your son will love. In Mijas Pueblo, you’ll get to walk through traditional, cobblestone neighborhoods. In Gibraltar, you’ll see many large mountain formations. In Ronda, you’ll witness a 17th-century bridge.

The Sun and the Beaches

Going to Spain and not seeing the Costa Del Sol is like going to India and missing the Taj Mahal. You’re required to take your kid to the beach at least once to enjoy an afternoon siesta, golden sands, and the ocean marine life. Don’t forget to eat a few churros while you're there.

Since Costa Del Sol is a big tourist destination, take a look at the package deals for the seaside hotels before you book a place to stay. Even though these hotels can be expensive, you and your son will be close to adventure activities, water parks, and family-friendly towns.