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Amsterdam is a popular city for American ex-pats

Moving to a different country is a big decision. There are many things that you need to think about and plan ahead for before making the final move. You will need to decide on what type of visa you will be getting, how long it will take, if your spouse can come with you, and so much more! In this blog post we'll cover all the factors you should consider when planning a move abroad.

Moving home to a new town is a challenge in itself. Yet, moving to a new country is a whole other challenge in itself. Not only do you need to settle somewhere new and foreign to you, but you will also need to think about moving your goods, relocating your bills, and much more. On that note, if you are moving abroad or considering it, then here are the essentials you will need.


Research The Costs And Prepare a Budget

Moving to a new country will mean that house prices will be different than you are used to. Thus, before moving, you will need to assess the costs and the market to see how much home you can afford

You might be pleasantly surprised and find that the homes are much cheaper and you get more space for your money. But, you might be left wondering if you can actually afford a move. Or, you might need to consider downsizing. 

Alternatively, you may consider renting an apartment for the time being to get your bearings and enjoy some solid footing to encourage your future plans.

Nonetheless, assess every cost (energy bills, food prices, transportation costs) before you move to a new country to ensure that you can cover the costs. 


A Trustworthy Shipping Company Is Essential For Moving Your Stuff

Unless you want to move your stuff yourself or take absolutely nothing with you, you will need help to ship your goods when you are moving to a new place. If you are moving to a new country, then you will likely need land shipping. Or, you might require shipping via boat. 

If you need to ship your goods overseas, then you will want to use top rated freight shipping companies you can rely on so that your furniture and other large belongings arrive safely to your new home in your new destination. 


Will Your Spouse Or Partner Have The Same Rights As In The United States?

While most countries recognize heterosexual marriage, domestic partnerships and homosexual marriages or unions don't always have the same legal status in other countries like they do in the United States.

Similarly, if you are moving to a different country because of a job - check to see if your spouse or partner can gain long term access to the country as well.


Check Local Visa Requirements

Some countries will require that you have a visa to live there. This is one of the first things you need to check because if you do not pass the requirements, then you won’t be able to live there. 

Do your research and see what’s involved before getting your heart set on living in a new country. 


Do You Have All Necessary Vaccinations?

It would be nice to think that COVID will be over soon and we can all go back to normal again without having to prove vaccination status in order to travel. The reality though is that many countries require vaccinations and other medical checks before you can visit, much less move there. So make sure to check on those requirements before planning your move!


New job or stay in the same job?

When you move, you will need to consider finding a new job or transitioning in your same company but overseas (unless you are retired). 

If you are hoping to get a new job for a whole new start then you will want to get ahead of the game as you won’t want to move and find it takes a year to find something. The quicker you start looking, the sooner you can secure a job. If you are staying in the same job but moving office, then life will be a little easier for you. Your company might even be sponsoring you to move abroad, which is even easier. 


What Are The Rules About Pets?

Don't forget your pets! Most countries will require a quarantine period but you'll want to check on other regulations as well.

For example, if you want to bring a pet cat with you but there's an issue of rabies in the new country, then your cat might not be allowed across. You will need to consider all these possibilities before moving and ensuring that any pets you have are legally allowed into the new place as well.


Will All Of Your Electronic Gear Work The Same Way?

Different countries have different power standards and sockets. While moving between the United States and Canada is easy, people will find that even moving to France, Italy, or Germany will require updating charging plugs and some appliances may need adapters as well. The same is true for moving to Africa or Asia too.


Moving To A New Country Can Be Exciting - Make Sure You Plan Ahead To Prevent Issues That Can Be Avoided With Proper Planning

If you are moving abroad or thinking about it, ensure to check visa requirements, prices, and jobs so that you know you can live there safely and happily. Getting a head start on the move before you find somewhere will ensure that you can afford it and will be accepted by the government to live there.