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Detailed reviews of various cruise lines and their offerings aimed specifically at enhancing the male traveler's experience. This section is a treasure trove for new and seasoned cruisers alike, featuring essential tips and tricks to maximize enjoyment and value from your sea voyage. Whether it's advice on selecting the right cruise that matches your adventure spirit, insights on the best onboard entertainment and dining options, or recommendations for must-try shore excursions, this section has everything you need to make your next cruise awesome.

Additionally, I share personalized advice for planning an unforgettable guys' trip at sea, from choosing staterooms and navigating onboard amenities to exploring nightlife and group activities. Each review and guide is crafted to ensure you and your crew can confidently set sail and make the most of every moment of your cruise from sailway to debarkation.

  • Aqua Expeditions: The Excitement Of Expedition Cruising Blended With Small Ship Luxury

    In recent years the cruise industry has transformed itself from a fairly niche part of the leisure industry driven more by people looking to experience something specific - such as visiting a remote island that almost nobody else ever has, or exploring rivers farther than even many of the great exploreers dared to go back in the golden years of the British Empire. These men and women were true explorers willing to sacrifice creature comforts and service for the opportunity to do something nobody else had done. Today, though, the industry has expanded, and companies like Aqua Expeditions blend the excitement of expedition cruising with the comforts of ultra-premium luxury and service.

  • Planning a Galapagos Cruise Heres What You Need To Know

    With cruising opening back up this summer and fall, there are some exciting bucket list destinations just begging you to visit. While some are relatively easy to understand how to book or who to book with, others such as South American cruises on the Amazon or Galapagos are far more difficult. With regards to Galapagos cruises, this is because while there are big names such as Celebrity, Azamara, or Holland America Line, this is really a special place that deserves a special type of cruise ship, training, and planning. Let's take a look at what you need to know before booking a Galapagos cruise.

  • Once in a Lifetime Norway Cruises with Hurtigruten Cruises

    By now you know that I am a HUGE fan of cruising but frankly my experience has been limited to the shores of the United States and the Caribbean and we're sailing in mostly warm waters and tropical breezes. However there is a whole other world of cruising that I haven't yet been able to explore but can’t wait to do so at some point in the future - Once in a Lifetime Adventures.