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  • Understanding The Link Between Diet and Diabetes

    It is well known that your diet significantly influences your health. However, did you realize that consuming the incorrect meals might increase your chance of acquiring diabetes? It's even more crucial to monitor what you eat if you already have diabetes since some foods might alter your blood sugar levels and make controlling the disease more difficult.

  • Beans Vs Meat, Which Is The Better Protein Source For Men?

    When it comes to getting enough protein in our diets, most of us automatically turn to meat. But what if there were a healthier, more sustainable option? Enter: beans! Many people are unaware that beans can be an excellent source of protein for men — and possibly even better than meat. In this article we'll compare the two and determine which is truly the superior source of protein.

  • Did You Know That Omega-3 Fish Oil May Have Positive Effects On Autism

    It seems like every time I talk with friends who have kids or grandkids, there is someone whose child has been diagnosed as being "on the spectrum". Frankly, I'm not sure what to think. This Autism or now medically referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a pretty mysterious trend that depending on the individual, sometimes offers a combination of both positive and negative abilities. Despite this, a parent's fear and anxiety when their loved ones are diagnosed with ASD is real. While there are few official treatments, there's increasing anecdotal evidence suggesting that Omega-3 fish oil can have positive benefits when taken by people diagnosed with ASD.

  • Foods That Help Improve Your Hearing

    Do you ever have trouble hearing what people are saying? You're not alone! Millions of men suffer from some degree of hearing loss and this is especially true as we get older. In this blog post, we will discuss some foods that can help improve your hearing as well as other natural ways to improve your ability to hear. So, if you're looking for ways to improve your hearing, read on!

  • How A Lean Bulk Diet Helps Build Muscle While Shedding Fat

    If you're looking to build muscle and shed fat faster, you may want to consider following a lean bulk diet. This type of diet can help your body reach its fitness goals more quickly by providing the right balance of nutrients for muscle growth and fat loss. In this blog post, we will discuss what a lean bulk diet is, how it works, and some tips for following one successfully.

  • Here's How Easy It Is To Eat Right and Stay Fit on Your Cruise Vacation

    Cruise vacations are a great way to get away from it all and enjoy some time on the high seas. But if your idea of relaxation is not being able to fit into your clothing, you might want to take this post on eating right and staying fit while cruising with you. We have some tips that will help you stay in shape while enjoying your vacation!

  • Signs that a Man's Body Might Need More Protein

    One of the most important nutrients for men is protein. Protein provides your body with amino acids, which are used to build and maintain muscle tissue. It also helps regulate hormones and metabolism so that you can stay healthy and strong. If you think that your diet could use a little more protein, or if you're just unsure how much your body needs, then look out for these signs.

  • Anti-Aging For Men Is About Being Healthy, Not Just Looking Good

    It is no secret that men are not immune to the effects of aging. This article provides 10 tips for anti-aging techniques designed specifically for men.

  • Hate Cooking? Here's How to Prepare Healthy Meals with Less Effort

    How many times have you found yourself thinking or saying out loud that you hate cooking? Although you love the finished product and enjoy a delicious tasting meal, maybe you’re tired of all the work that goes into it. Rather than giving up on cooking and resorting to takeout and restaurants for every meal, why not learn to find the joy in preparing healthy meals that take much less effort than you’re used to? It may be all you need to reinvigorate yourself and see cooking in a fresh new light. Here’s a look at some useful tips on how to prepare healthy meals with less effort.

  • Tips For Long-Term Success In Cracking The Weight Loss Puzzle

    Weight loss is a subject of fervent debate. You only have to do a quick online search to find that there are hundreds of articles, adverts and links dedicated to tips, solutions and products designed to help you crack the code. The trouble with having access to so much information is determining what works and what doesn’t. In this guide, we’ll offer practical advice for long-term, sustainable results. 

  • Of Mycelium and Men: Health Benefits of the Humble Fungi

    The humble mushroom – you enjoy it on a pizza, packed in a sandwich or loaded into a stew. But have you ever stopped to consider this unassuming fungus as something morethan a delicious accompaniment?

  • Juices And 5 Other Healthy Ways To Boost Your Immune System

    The immune system is incredibly intricate, and it has to be robust and balanced to fight infections and illnesses. However, the strength should not exceed the normal, to avoid unnecessary complications such as autoimmune disorders and allergies. Below are five healthy habits you can use to improve your body's immune system to fight viruses and disease-causing organisms.

  • Top Ways For Men To Lose Weight Successfully

     Right now is generally a great time to focus on losing weight. Not only will improving your physical health lead to improved mental health, but there are fewer distractions if you re-shape your life a bit. For men like myself who are normally jetting off from one place to the next and grabbing food between meetings, the "normal world" was hugely challenging. Today though, there are new opportunities to lose weight but it still requires dedication. Here are some top ways for men like you and I to lose weight.

  • Mikey's Buffalo Style Chicken Pockets are a Delicious Treat

    Healthy food doesn't have to taste like crap and while some people need grain-free, soy-free, milk/ lactose-free foods - others, like myself just enjoy a tasty snack. When the folks at Mikey's approached me, I was intrigued. I LOVE hot pockets for their sheer simplicity as a quick snack. While I have no illusions that the classic is anything but a tasty mass-produced processed snack, the idea that you could make an equally tasty alternative intrigued me. 

  • Looking For A Uniquely Delicious Take On Protein Drinks

    It's no secret that I'm working to improve myself during this time spent locked in my home. While I still enjoy a beer, I've continued to try and grab an energy drink for breakfast or a late-night snack instead of grazing the freezer. While I've been a long time fan of another protein shake brand, when the folks at Iconic Protein contacted me I was immediately intrigued. While most brands have chocolate and vanilla... they had the staples plus unique flavors such as Cacao Greens and Tumeric Ginger. I was a bit nervous on my first sip because I wasn't sure what to expect. Sure, it was unique... but would it be good?

  • Kate's Real Food Snack Bites and Bars are Really Good!

    I'm not really a crunchy granola type of guy but like most of you I know what I like and that's stuff that is fun to eat, tastes great and is high quality. That's not to say that I don't enjoy a candy bar here and there, but there's a clear difference between something like what I just enjoyed as a 2 am snack to help me power through one last article... and something simply packed with refined sugar. That's why I am in love with Kate's Real Food and I can't wait to explore more of the treats in the box they sent me a few weeks ago.

  • Career Spotlight: What Is a Nutritionist?

    Nutritionists and diet experts are in demand. If you’re interested in diet and nutrition and want to make a career out of it, then becoming a nutritionist could be the career option for you. Here’s what you should consider first to decide if this is the job for you. 

  • Foods You Can Use To Improve Sinus Health

    Taking care of our health is always important, but it can sometimes be a real challenge. For one, the most accessible food options are not really the most healthful ones. We all have been warned about readily available fast food, right?

  • The 3 S to Avoid during Stroke Recovery

    In this article, we will list down what you should limit or preferably avoid at all times after stroke. Just always remember not to include or avoid three “S” in your recovery diet—salt, sugar, and saturated fats.

  • Dietary Fiber Is Important to Staying Happy and Healthy When Traveling

    When you travel, it takes a toll on the body. Not just being exhausted from irregular sleep but your gut gets thrown out of whack too. While we know that eating better, drinking more water, stretching, and getting more rest can help – fiber is key too. I used to laugh when I’d hear people talking about “staying regular” but as I matured, I realized that keeping your digestive system happy has a lot more benefits than just being able to poop better! Now, it’s my key to avoiding the bio-lag due to poor food choices and chaotic schedules when I travel.

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