Gear Guide

  • RV Gear You Can Add To Make The Adventure More Comfortable

    If you’re planning on traveling in a campervan or RV, you’ve likely got a packing list with your most basic essentials and necessities. While there are essentials that everyone must have, let's take things to the next level and build out an RV that your friends and neighbors in the RV park will look at with envy!

  • How To Make the Most Money Driving Lyft or Uber – It’s Just like Fishing

    I drive for Lyft and so does my wife. It’s a great way to make fast money to fill in the gaps. Let me tell you though, there’s a lot more involved than simply turning on the app and making some money by driving around. To be successful, you need to treat it like you were fishing and learn all the secrets. There’s gear to buy, fishing spots to find, friends to learn from, and lots of patience too. With both pursuits though, if you are successful then it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

  • Introduction Guide to Hunting Wild Boar In the United States

    It’s so hard waiting for deer season once you’ve got the itch to hunt. Sure, you can extend your window of opportunity by picking up a bow or being lucky enough to live in a state with a late-season tag available. But for most of us rifle hunters, the deer season comes and goes pretty quickly. Hunting wild boar or wild pigs though is one of the most permitted prey that you can hunt right now in the USA. Let's take a look at what how you can start hunting wild boar, what tactics are best, and other wild boar hunting tips that you should know.

  • How To Make Your Guys Getaway Camping Trip Bigger and Badder

    Anyone can go camping... but to do it right, truly is an passion that takes years to hone. Today though, classic style of camping in a pop-up tent that many of us learned in the Boy Scouts has been surpassed by options such as glamping and RVs are more popular than ever. So while I encourage you go gather your buddies and head out into the forest, field, or desert and pitch a tent the old way... here's some ways to make it bigger. Everything in life should be bigger, badder, and more awesome so here's some ideas on how to make your next guys weekend campaign adventure even more awesome!

  • Ultimate Gear Guide To Help You Get a Better Sleep - And More Of It

    Sleep is precious and so there's no shortage of products out there that are ready to help. Here's a few of our picks for getting a better sleep and more of it!

  • Emergency Preparedness and Survival Tips You Need To Know

    When it comes to survival, we often lean towards tradition. Those of us who prepare for the worst teach ourselves everything from fire making to compass navigation. It certainly isn’t unusual for survival kits to be devoid of any modern advancements.

  • Where To Find Man Cave Decor Items On The Cheap

    Some of us are lucky enough to have a man cave... and others simply have a garage or den to decorate how you see fit. Whatever the scale of your space, there's always one constant - a need to stretch your budget while finding unique and awesome items that you are passionate about. In an ideal world we'd all be able to hire the guys from American Pickers to source unique items from us or simply head to a game room store. Unfortunately, money is an object for most of us but here's how you can find some awesome man cave decor items cheap!

  • Essential Kitchen Gadgets For Guys Who Love To Cook

    Over the years I've gotten a HUGE number of kitchen gadgets to try and test out for review or simply just provide my thoughts on. Some are good... some are bad. Others seem really cool but ultimately ended up sitting on my countertop collecting dust... or put back in a box despite being generally good at what they were designed to do. That's why I've put together this gear guide of essential kitchen gadgets that every guy needs in his collection. If you are the kind of guy who doesn't like to cook then stop reading now... the rest of you, let's take a look!

  • What To Look For When Selecting a Phone Case

    There once was a time when I looked at cell phone cases simply as something "other people" bought... I didn't need a case, I'm always careful with my phone. Right? Wrong... The reality is that phones today are super fragile and at the same time exposed to all sorts of different dangers from accidental drops to being scratched against keys in your pocket or backpack. That's why it's important to select the right case and not all are created equal!

  • Camping Essentials Check List (and some nice items to have too)

    If you love spending your time outdoors during the summers months, the perfect type of adventure might be a camping trip. Camping is a wonderful way to be away from technology and enjoy bonding together outside in the elements and away from modern distractions.

    If you want to plan a great camping trip for your family or your friends this summer, here are some of the essential items you need to pack in your car before you go. With everything on this list, you’ll be sure to have an amazing adventure.

  • How to Take Awesome Photos of the Moon

    Most people have looked up into the night sky and become enchanted by the moons beauty and thought about taking a photograph. Unfortunately for most of us, what's ultimately captured doesn't reflect what we saw with our eyes. However, that can change with the right equipment and a bit of patience to get the right shot. Whether it is a lunar eclipse, a full moon or something in between, the sight is breathtaking when you get it right!

  • How to Watch Your Own Movies on a Cruise Ship TV

    Some people look at spending a week on a cruise ship as a vacation where they will only spend time in their rooms to change clothes and sleep - for the rest of us it's a time to relax. That includes being able to catch up on some of our favorite movies, TV shows, and other videos. Unfortunately, nearly all cruise lines have TERRIBLE programming available on their TVs (I'll give a pass to Princess though since I could never get tired of old re-runs of The Love Boat!). It's not that these TVs can't support HDMI inputs either. The cruise lines have actually gone and disabled them so you are forced to watch their programming instead.

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