LG InstaView smart stove with Air Sous Vide

There's no doubt that appliances are rapidly becoming an integral part of the smart home. While lights, environmental controls, and security are important ... let's face it, food is pretty darn important too. As a gadget-loving guy who this year discovered that he has no more counter space for more cooking machines, this new LG InstaView would be a godsend because it not only includes air fryer functionality and LG's ThinQ connection but now features an Air Sous Vide as well.

LG InstaView Range delivers a complete cooking solution at home no matter what you're craving – all in a feature-packed slide-in range. The 6.3 cu. ft. capacity range from LG Electronics (LG) features for the first time Air Sous Vide technology along with Air Fry mode and ProBake Convection®. With an InstaView oven panel that lights up with two quick knocks, LED-illuminated knobs, smart functions and EasyClean surfaces, LG's stylish new range offers convenient options designed to inspire consumers to get creative when it comes to preparing healthy meals at home.   

Using the new Air Sous Vide mode, LG's range cooks food in vacuum-sealed bags perfectly with precise low temperature and controlled airflow – perfect for elevated dishes. The vacuum-sealed foods are able to lock in maximum flavor and aroma to elevate home-cooked dishes right in the oven without the inconvenience of water baths or countertop appliances that take up extra counter space. LG Air Sous Vide can maintain any temperature between 100 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 96 degrees Celsius) for up to 48 hours without water to deliver consistent results.

When it comes to comfort foods, the range also features LG's Air Fry technology to help users prepare guilt-free versions of their favorites without all the oil. With no pre-heating required, LG ranges can Air Fry for a crowd while saving time. And LG's ProBake Convection – the gold standard of LG convection technology – helps roast meats to perfection and evenly bakes cookies and pies on every rack, every time.

lg instaview range adds air sous vide

With LG's iconic InstaView technology, knocking twice on the oven's glass door automatically turns on an interior light to make visually checking the progress inside quick and convenient – all without opening the oven door and slowing down the cooking process. For added style and function, the LG InstaView Range features LED-illuminated knobs so users can quickly see if their range burners are on from a distance. With new gas-equipped ranges, LG is dialing up the cooking power with a dual 22k BTU burner that rapidly achieves high heat to quickly boil or turns down to a true simmer. And thanks to EasyClean® technology – now available on the cooktop surface1 and inside the oven – users can keep their oven looking like new. Simply spray the oven interior with just water, press EasyClean and then in 10 minutes, quickly wipe away any leftover grime.

For even more convenience, the LG range can be controlled and monitored using the ThinQ app connected to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers. And LG partners SideChef, Innit, Drop, and Tovala offer helpful culinary inspiration through the hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes on their apps. Once the user has selected a recipe, cooking instructions are sent to the oven which then sets the appropriate cooking mode and temperature. With Drop and a smart-enabled Thermomix mixer, making pizza at home is a no-brainer using the ThinQ app to control the Thermomix's settings and preheat the LG InstaView Range's oven so as soon as the dough is rolled and toppings placed, the pizza is ready to cook. Heating frozen meals from brands like Nestlé and Kraft Heinz are as simple as scanning a barcode with Scan to Cook.

We hope to learn more about this range as well as others that LG will be unveiling at the upcoming "Virtual CES" next week.