Sex Toys For Men - You've Come a Long Way

Ok, so valentine's day was last week and for most of us we have a partner to celebrate, honor and cherish ... hopefully, one who will reciprocate our care and attention on March 14 for "Steak and a BJ Day". For those guys out there that don't have a partner to celebrate with, maybe it's time to try something different. Sex toys for men have evolved by leaps and bounds over the past decades from "inflatable dolls" to some of the most advanced technology on the market today. There's simply no reason to go full-on into "American Pie" mode these days. Let's take a look at some of today's most popular trends ...

Stepping Out Of The Shadows and Shrug Off The Shame

It's a weird world where vibrators for women are talked about on the covers of women's magazines, TV talk shows, and over coffee breaks at the office. For men though, oh no! The simple reality is that while a partner or even your own hand might be easier, having some help makes things a lot nicer. It's wonderful that there are plenty of great online retailers out there today as well as online review sites like the one run by John James of to help guys learn more about this topic. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to sex toys for me. Not only is the desire to feel pleasure natural - the technology, design, engineering, and incredible innovation is insane today.

lelo f1s developers kit

Remote Control by Mobile Phone

There have been remote-controlled sex toys for decades but today they are being fully integrated into your mobile phone for complete control. This can be as simple and basic as an on/off switch or even sensors to measure temperature such as those found on the LELO F1s.

fleshlight launch powered by kiiro

Integration Into VR and 2D Video Content

The Fleshlight Launch powered by Kiiroo though takes things to the next level and while they have a complete line of sex toys designed to be integrated with video content, the Launch specifically says designed for "VR enthusiasts and techies". It merges the classic Fleshlight stroker that's been around for more than a decade and combines it with automatic stroking for a hands-free experience. Of course, for the ultimate tech experience, the Onyx2 - also by Kiiroo will actually contract up and down 140 times per minute and can be connected with a female sex toy for some remote fun with a partner.

Premium Materials and Construction

Another major trend is that while sex toys used to be "novelties" designed more as jokes than anything truly practical for giving pleasure more than a handful of times, that has changed today.

While not everything has to be expensive and robust designed for repeated use. Across the board, quality has increased remarkably in recent years. Thankfully, there are still some great products such as the Tenga Egg that are designed to be disposable and affordable. Gone are the days of cheap rubber, plastic seams and sticky vinal sleeves that irritate your most sensitive surfaces. Today it's about advanced materials that mimic the feeling of actual human skin and will warm quickly to match your body temperature. Likewise, you'll see the use of premium materials for the chassis including industrial plastic and even metal so that it stands up to whatever you can throw at it.

More Than Just Vibrators

Sex toys and vibrators used to be synonymous for both men and women. Today though, while vibration is still a key method of delivering pleasure - other options are available too. For instance, LELO uses transducers generating sonic waves in both the F1s for men as well as Sona 2 Cruise for women. Sadly but not surprisingly, sex toys for women are way more advanced currently but with more men discovering the opportunities for advanced pleasure ... we're quickly catching up. For instance, the Lioness vibrator functions almost like a Fitbit allowing the user to analyze her orgasm, arousal, and ultimate sexual pleasure. It does so by measuring readings from the sensors on the device as well as allowing the user to create a sort of sexual fitness journal to help identify patterns and opportunities for improvement in the future.

More Than Just For Play - Health Is Important Too

Ultimately, sex toys for men are about more than just pleasure. As advanced technology begins to be more closely integrated and the devices become more widely accepted, we're seeing them turn into sexual fitness trainers. For instance, the technologies that power the devices by Kiiroo and LELO's F1s, as well as other products such as the AI behind Autoblow, can be used to help overcome sexual health issues such as ED and PE as well as those with disabilities who might not be able to function physically at 100%.

love honey hot shot male masterbator

Less Graphic and "Pervy" Than You Rember

While this is something that isn't quite accurate across the entire spectrum - different guys are into different stuff - new products are ditching the mimicry of female anatomy in exchange for high-tech industrial design. At one point, virtually everything on the market looked like a woman's vulva, anus, or lips ... but never really did. While sex dolls today are clearly progressing towards ultimate realism, sex toys are moving away from that trend. 

Ultimately I think that makes them much more approachable since it feels less "weird". You aren't cheating on someone, you aren't having your partner helping you with something that doesn't look like her, and ultimately it just feels less pervy to have something like the F1s or the Lovehoney Hot Shot in your sock drawer rather than a "pocket pussy".

At the end of the day, the point is that there are some great options out there for guys today and these are tools that are evolving quickly to help provide fun and pleasure ... alone, with a partner, or with a virtual partner connected through the internet.