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fancy bathroom upgrades

You might not think of the bathroom as a place to make technological advances, but it can be. For example, this blog post will show you 8 techy upgrades that you can make to your bathroom so that it is more awesome, more comfortable and more technologically advanced!

Is your bathroom starting to feel boring? If you've been looking with envy at fancy Japanese toilets with all of their bells and whistles or wishing your bathroom felt more like a luxury hotel, maybe it's time for an upgrade. You can make your bathroom more high-tech so that it's more enjoyable and delivers the experience that you're looking for. There are both big and small changes that you can make if you want to create a bathroom full of tech and turn it into a luxury sanctuary. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at these ideas.

Add A High Tech Shower Head

The bathroom or shower is the most important part of the bathroom for most people. Maybe you have one of them, or perhaps you have both. Either way, you can improve your bathroom a lot by making them more high-tech. You could install a new bathtub with water jets so that you can have a massage while you bathe. Or you might upgrade your shower by installing a smart rain shower with a wireless remote control. If you're adding tech to your bath or shower, think about how it's going to enhance your experience.

Make Everything Touch-Free

Touch-free items in your bathroom are not only more high-tech, but they can make your bathroom more hygienic too. You won't have to touch as many things, which means you'll spread fewer germs. A touchless faucet is easy to start with. You can get them from places like https://faucetscanada.ca/ and choose from a range of stylish options. Other features that you might consider are touch-free toilet flushes or toilet lids, as well as touch-free trash cans. If you can avoid touching something, you can avoid spreading germs. Plus, it's cool to make things happen by waving your hand.


Install A Smart Toilet

You might have heard that Japanese toilets are high-tech and cool. If you want your bathroom to feel like a luxury hotel, then it's time for an upgrade! You can install a smart toilet that will heat up the seat before you sit on it so that you never experience another cold sensation again. Other features of this type of toilet include automatic flushing, heated seats and dryer air jets. This is just one way to make your bathroom more luxurious without spending a lot of money or remodeling the space at all.


Install Motion Sensors in Your Bathroom

Motion sensors can be installed in many places throughout the house - including bathrooms - to increase security and lighten dark spaces. They're especially handy if someone needs assistance in the bathroom at night. Motion sensors will turn on lights automatically as soon as you go near them and they can even be installed outside of bathrooms too, to make sure that someone has gotten up from their chair or bed. These little gadgets might not seem like a big deal but they can work wonders for your security system!


Add LED lighting to your mirror, vanity and shower walls

LED lighting is a great way to add technology to your bathroom. It's high-tech and can be added in lots of different places throughout the room, from the mirrors over your vanity to LED lights on the walls surrounding your shower. These lights are energy efficient so they're easy on the environment too! In addition, LEDs come with options for tonal variations which you might find appealing if you don't want everything looking like it was produced by one manufacturer.


Upgrade the Heating and Lights

Paying attention to things like the heating and the lights in your bathroom can give it a luxurious feel. You can also make it a more high-tech space by making the right changes. For example, adding underfloor heating to your bathroom is a great way to use technology to make it warm and give it a more comfortable and luxurious feel. You could add a heated towel rail at the same time. Upgrade your lights too; consider putting in a dimmer or switching to smart lights so that you have more control over them.


Introduce Some Bathroom Entertainment

If you find it boring to be in the bathroom or you just want to make it a more comfortable place to be, you could add some entertainment options. A bathroom TV can allow you to watch your favorite things while you have a bath. Or you could install some speakers or a sound system so that you can listen to music while you take a shower. These upgrades make it more interesting to be in the bathroom.

Make your bathroom more exciting by adding some interesting technology that will turn it into a luxurious sanctuary.


Put In A Heated Floor Or Towel Rack For Added Comfort

If there's one thing that I absolutely love about visiting European luxury hotels it is that many of them in Northern Europe feature heated floors in their bathrooms. If you are looking to create the ultimate spa-like bathroom at home, this is a must have. Don't stop with the floor though, imagine the luxurious feeling of grabbing your towel off of a heated towel rack! We're lumping these two bathroom upgrades together into one hot suggestion.


Install Shower Wall Panels

These days, you probably use your shower a lot more than your tub. If you use traditional ceramic wall tiles, you can find yourself spending a lot of money on the installation. Then you have to spend a lot of time on cleaning and maintenance.

Make life easy on yourself and take the modern route. Install shower wall panels instead. They don’t qualify as tech but they do make a vast improvement on traditional ceramic tiles. They’re more affordable, easier to clean, lower maintenance and they look great too!

Whatever your preferences, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to upgrading your bathroom so hopefully these ideas stimulated your imagination and help you create the ultimate sanctuary.